one direction dirty imagens

Hey guys movellas deleted my last book if you want a chapter post the names of the boys


4. Alexis and Harry

      You were at home waiting for Harry to come home from work. You heard a car door slam and you knew he was home as he walked in the door sobbing you asked him what was wrong he had a rough day at work.  You told him to go lay in bed you would be up in a second all the sudden he stopped crying and ran to the bed he knew he was getting some loving and he was excited. He was laying on the bed all ready when you came up you guys got undressed with out breaking the kiss harry all the sudden flips you over and starts eating you out.  Then he stuck his dick in your tight pussy and you screamed out HARRY OH MY GOD he asked you if it felt good and all you could do was nod you were to busy moaning because he was fucking you so fast. After a while you thought it got slow so you told him to fuck you like he loved you he pulled out the vibrator and fucked you hard along with the vibrator he finaly pulled out and came all over your chest. You guys got cleaned up and cuddled for the rest of the night watching the note book. 

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