Mystery of the forest

Joe,Sally and Tom enter a forest to prove to Tiffany they can solve the mystery of the forest...


2. spark

Let's all meet at the lake house I have all the supply's in there they all tell there parents that they are going to bed by that they have snuck out and at the lake house. It's lock great now what do we do tom goes around to the back door yes it's open they all enter bang! Who's there it's ok I just dropped a vase oh that's ok now down to business getting supply's ahh I tired can we just go tomorrow yeah that might be a good idea.

9 hours later there downstairs telling there parents good morning mum dad ok I'm going to school now see ya later but on the tom sees Tiffany where are you going Tiffany said tom replays nervous to school oh ok see you at school and walks off whoa that was close he stands there for a while until she's gone and runs the other way joe and the others are all waiting for tom finally he's at the lake house Sally says where have you been tom replays I ran in to Tiffany joe says who did you tell her I just said I'm going to school.

They walk in but there is a problem our parents call telling us why aren't at school tom says I'm meeting grandpa he needed me and everyone else says the same excuse they grab the supply's and off to the forest they go.

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