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  • Published: 19 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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If you had the chance to redo any day of your life, would you take it?

Just like everyone else Cassandra has had bad days. But there is one day in particular that she wishes she could just redo. The day she broke up with Jason. What happens when she gets the chance to redo it?
Does she make it better or worse?


7. Chapter 6

~"An ugly personality destroys a pretty face."~

After retrieving my flute from my locker i walked back to class with knots in my stomach. I was going to have to play in front of the class. I was going to make a fool out of myself.

I sat at my desk as one by one my classmates preformed. Then it wad my turn.

"Cassandra could you please play your piece for us." I stood up and took the flute from its case. I opened my book to the right page and positioned my hands on the flute. It felt foreign yet familiar.

Maybe i wouldn't be too bad.

I wasn't that bad actually, i was awful. I kept messing up the notes. Every time i did i could her whispers and when i was done i could tell that my teacher was not happy.

When the bell finally rang i almost jumped out of my seat and flung myself to the door. Right before i could escape my teacher called me. "Cassandra, could i speak with you?"

I stopped and turned facing her.

"I'm disappointed with your preformance, i expect more from you, what happened?"

"I forgot about the test miss, my mind has been a little cloudy lately, i promise it won't happen again." I say.

She smiles. "Okay, since your one of my best students how about you come see me friday after school and you can try again?"

"I would love that, thank you so very much, i'll make sure i'll practice." I say as i leave the classroom.

Thankfully Jason was already at the locker we shared because i could not remember the combination.

"Hey how was the test?" He asked giving me a quick kiss.

"Awful, i forgot to practice." I say.

"What do you mean, i called you yesterday and you told me you were practicing your butt off." He says confused.

I panicked for a second. "Um...i did practice, but i guess it wasn't enough." I say looking into the locker avoiding his eyes. At the back of the locker is my schedule, which i sneak into one of my binders.

"Oh." He says dropping the subject.

"I should go, don't want to be late." I say walking off.

"What no hug at least!" He says pouting.

"Late!" I yell as i run down the hall. I take my schedule out and see what i have next. Math. Great.

It takes me a good five minutes before i find the right room. So much for not being late.

I walk into the class trying to go unnoticed. When the teacher looks up. "Cassandra, why are you late?" He asks.

Um... What do i say, i was never late to class before. I couldn't say i was lost.

"I lost track of time." I said shyly.

"Take a seat." He said writing something down.

I sit in the only available seat and look up to a pair of cold eyes. Ashley.


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