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  • Published: 19 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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If you had the chance to redo any day of your life, would you take it?

Just like everyone else Cassandra has had bad days. But there is one day in particular that she wishes she could just redo. The day she broke up with Jason. What happens when she gets the chance to redo it?
Does she make it better or worse?


11. Chapter 10

~"You've gotta dance like there's no one watching, love like you'll never be hurt, sing like there's nobody listening and live like it's heaven on earth."~

Kayla and I ran into the change rooms and drooped our bags on the benches.

"I just have to live through gym and my yearbook meeting and everything will be the way it's suppose to be!" I said twirling around. "Thanks to you I'll have Jason back!"

"I'm glad I'm a help." Kayla said laughing. I must have looked like a little kid who was just given candy.

I peered around the room as other girls started to trickle in. There was no sign of Ashley. This class was going to better then I thought. Then my eyes landed on Marie, Ashley's best friend.

Great, just great.

After changing into sweats and a t-shirt, Kayla and I headed to the gym. The teacher came out of her office and all the girls gathered around her.

"Hello girls! Today we will be continuing with volleyball! I'll give you a number and you guys will split into two teams." She said as she began assigning numbers.

Fortunately both Kayla and I were two's.

Ha I was sixteen again, playing volleyball with a which. I never thought that would happen.

Kayla and I, along with four other girls took our side of the net, while six other girls did the same on the other side, including Marie.

I was first up to serve. I stood behind the black line, one foot in front of the other. I bounced the ball a couple times then held it in my left palm. I brought my right hand back and swung it forward bringing my right foot forward as well. My palm connected with the ball sending it straight into the net. Not bad for haven't playing in ten years. Why did I hate gym so much? I couldn't seem to remember.

A girl from the other team set up a serve and the ball sailed over the net where another girl bumped it back. Marie jumped up spiking the ball right into my face. I sat on the floor in a daze, my face stung like hell.

"Are you alright?" Kayla asked with a slight smile. I'm glad she found this funny.

"Yeah." I said slowly pushing off the ground. I looked up at Marie and shot her a dirty look. She had on a smug smile and whispered, "Consider that a gift from Ashley."

Oh yeah, that's why I disliked gym.

After getting hit a few more times class was finally over and I parted ways with Kayla who gave me a thumbs up and a 'Good luck!'.

I took a seat in one of the English rooms, where the meetings were usually held. After ten minutes of discussing the set up of the prom page and who was going to do it we were finally dismissed early.

I speed walked towards our locker preparing myself for what I was about to see. I inhaled a deep breath and exhaled as I turned the corner. I was secretly hoping that something had changed causing Ashley to not be there, but I saw exactly what I was expecting. Ashley, in her tight pink tank top and extremely short mini skirt, with her long tanned arms around Jason's neck and lips pressed to his.

The first time I had witnessed this I only took a quick glance, but now that I new what was going to happen I noticed how tense Jason was, with his hands by his side. If only I had realized that the first time.

Jason wasted no time yanking her off him and his eyes met mine.

"Cassandra, it's not what it looks like, she kissed me." He said stepping in front of me.

Ashley quickly backed away and disappeared around the corner.

I took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. "I believe you."

"She-wait, what?"

"I believe you Jason, I trust you." I said smiling. "She's been hinting at messing with us all day."

Jason's expression went form scared and shocked to guilty and sad.

"What is it?" I asked. I had said the right thing, hadn't I?

"It's just...

Hey awesome reader!!!

Haha cliff-hanger, so much fun to write but not to read. Sorry I had to.

So I think there is one chapter left and then an epilogue.

What do you guys think Jason was going to say???

Thanks for reading!!





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