Poisoned With Love // Magcon

What would you do, if your sister's fiancé suddenly decided you were his to control, his to touch and his to ruin? Not once had Celeste Lapollo thought she would end up having an affair with her sister's fiancé, especially not such a twisted and sick one.


2. 1

It's been three years.

Three years since my best friend, Katherine, went missing. Three years since I last saw that pretty smile of hers. It all hit us hard the day we realized that she was missing, and that it actually wasn't some sick joke of hers. It hit us even harder when the police closed the case two years after she went missing. The police claimed that they had looked everywhere for her but couldn't find a single trace that led us to her. I remember how devastated Katherine's family were. How they all lost hope. How they all began to think that her body was out there, rotting. Hell, even her closest friends began to lose hope. But me? No, I never gave up on her, because deep down in that little frightened heart of mine, I knew she was still out there, breathing and living.


I tapped my fingers on my laptop as the line rang in my ear. Licking my lips anxiously and bouncing my knee up and down on my bed as the line continued to ring.


“Detective Lapollo speaking.” My dad's voice greeted, and I took a deep breath.


''Daddy?'' I spoke nervously.


I heard another sigh from the end of the line and I felt a small wave of guilt hitting me as I waited for his respond. 


''Noelle, we still haven't heard anything. The case is pretty much closed as it is, baby. It's been three years already, sweetheart.''


I bit my lip and lowered my head. ''You're probably right. I'm sorry for bothering you at work. It's just..I just gotta find out, you know?''


''I know, sweetheart..but you just gotta let it go. You know that you guys are gonna be the first to know if we find something.'' Swallowing back the tears that were burning at the back of my eyes, I nodded. ''I understand, daddy. But please..tell me that..Just please? I need to hear you say those words, daddy.''


My dad sighed once again, ''Katherine is not dead, sweetie. We would know if she was, baby. Her body would've showed up by now. She's just missing. I promise that we'll find her. Now go hang with Nash and the rest of your friends, I'm sure they miss you.''


I knew my dad was trying to light up the mood, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a weak chuckle.


''Alright, Daddy. See you tomorrow.''


''Love you, princess.''


''Love you too.''


I hung up the phone and tossed it at the foot of my bed. As soon as it landed on my bed, the bedroom door opened and in walked Nash, my best friend.


''Whats up?'' He asked with a smile as he closed the door behind him. 


''The sky, some clouds, maybe an airplane?'' I voiced with a shrug. Nash rolled his eyes playfully and crossed his arms. ''Ha-ha-ha. Very funny, Noelle.'' He answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 


''Really? I think so too.'' I sing-song'd making Nash laugh this time.


I smiled. ''It's good to hear you laugh after everything that happened with Katherine..'' I mumbled quietly as my voice softened. Nash's laugh was now replaced by a frown. He looked me in the eyes, his eyes showing so much emotion and pain. I guess I shouldn't have brought up Katherine.  I knew it was a touchy subject to talk about for Nash, hell for all of the people who were close to Katherine. But since she was Nash's first love, first kiss, first time, first girlfriend, first everything..I suddenly regretted letting those words slip out of my mouth. She was the person that made him feel complete and the fact that I just brought up the most painful subject to talk about gave me a very bad taste in my mouth. 


''I'm sorry, I shouldn't ha-''


''- Don't. I know you didn't mean too.'' Nash cut me off as he sighed heavily.  I looked at my fingers as the air between us was getting thicker by every passing second. 


Nash cleared his throat and bit his lip. ''It's hard you know? Knowing that your girlfriend may or may not be okay. The thought of not waking up to her beautiful face or not getting to hold or kiss her every single day of my life. It fucking feels like my heart has been ripped out of my chest and been cut to small pieces of meat. It fucking hurts, Noelle. It hurts so fucking much.''Nash yelled suddenly, his voice slightly breaking. ''But then I remind myself that Katherine is a strong human being. She can take whatever that's coming at her. She won't let anything break her and that's why I won't give up on her. That's why I wake up every morning and force a smile on my lips. That's why I breathe.'' By now I had my arms wrapped around Nash's neck as I sobbed into his shoulder.


And as minutes passed by, we still stood there, hugging each other as the salty tears streamed down our cheeks.


“Hi, sweetheart,” My mom greeted me cheerfully - too cheerfully - when I walked in through the front door to the house after school. I couldn't wait for tonight to come. After my 'moment' with Nash yesterday, we decided to call our best friends and invite them to a sleepover tonight at Nash's and actually have a great time for once.


“Hi, Mom,” I greeted her casually, pausing to pull my phone from my purse.


“How was school?”


“School was fine.” I was scrolling through my phone, seeing a few texts from my friends, and I took a moment to reply to their messages.


“Your sister and her fiancé are going to stay with us for the weekend,” My mom said, appearing in the doorway with me. Her chocolate brown hair was pulled back in a tight, perfected, high ponytail with a bright blue colored headband; she sported a tight-fitting blue tank top followed with a vividly colored pair of pink sweats, rolled up to the ankles. It looked like she had just finished doing her fitness videos; she typically always did those in the late afternoon.


''She has a fiancé?'' I asked with an amused tone, finally bringing my eyes up to look at hers. She nodded with a smile planted on her small lips. ''Indeed she has. They've been together for a year now and he actually just asked for her hand yesterday.'' You could clearly hear the excitement in her voice as she clapped her hands.


How come I not know about this? Right, because my sister and I haven't fucking spoken for two whole years.


''When is she coming?'' I asked with a sigh, not wanting to see my oh so beloved sister. 


''Tonight. Now, I know you've got some plans with your friends tonight and i'm sorry for saying this, but you've got to cancel them.'' My mom’s voice was sharp now, and she was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed. 


''What?! You can't be serious!'' I exclaimed. 


''I sure can and am. Now go change into something nice cause they'll be here in an hour or so.''


If only I knew what life had in store for me at that moment..



Hey guys! I hope you liked and enjoyed the first chapter. Nothing much happened, idk, I guess I wanted to like introduce you to Noelle first, ya know. Anyway, if you don't like dark and twisted stories then please, leave. This story will be very dark and twisted and may have a few sick things in it too so if you don't like that then go because I will not be wanting comments such as 'you're sick' 'what is this shit' and 'ewwww'. NOW YOU KNOW SO LEAVE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. THANK YOU. 

Also, don't forget to comment and add it to your favorites! 



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