Forgive Me

Seven months ago there was a virus outbreak in some sort of lab. For reasons unknown at the time, a handful of people started going crazy, trying to eat anyone who came to close. They were put in asylums and labeled as crazy psychopaths.
Then it got worse. Much worse.
People, neighborhoods at a time, started going on murdering sprees eating anyone unfortunate to stumble into their line of sight.
Now, I know this is gonna sound cliche, but no-one knows where that lab is, how the virus was created or how it got out. Hell, even I sound like a I'm directing one of those zombie movies or something.
But that's what we call them now.
I mean... That's what they are...


1. False Hope

My mother yelps as my two younger brothers race past her, almost knocking her over. The boys snigger and the twins continue to dart around, almost running into her again. She smiles and shakes her head as she sits on the pale blue couch.

"You boys will be the death of me." She says jokingly. Thom sniggers as he stops, making Jed run into him and fall to the floor in a fit of giggles. My mother purses her lips, still smiling, as they get up. "Both of you get upstairs. It's way past your bedtime." Both Thom and Jed groan as mother raises an eyebrow. She ruffles their short, blonde hair as their blue eyes beg to stay up longer. She smiles and steers them towards the stairs. "Go." They slowly stomp upstairs, Jed hiding a yawn as they disappear into their shared room.

"You should get to bed too, Ma." I tell her as I dry the dishes we used for dinner. She sighs and rests her head on the arm of the sofa, staring at me. I freeze, looking at her. I take in her blue eyes, her chestnut hair pulled into a messy bun and her makeup-less, yet still beautiful, face. "What?" I ask. She smiles and gets up, walking over to me, hugging me tightly.

"I'm just wondering how my baby got to be so grown up..." She whispers, sighing again. I hug her back, before returning to the dishes.

"Seriously, Ma. You look tired. Go to bed." I gesture to the messy living room behind her. "I'll finish off down here." Mother brushes my silver hair away from my eyes and kisses my forehead.

She nods, giving in and walking to the stairs. "Okay." She looks at me before going up. "Love ya, baby." I smile as she walks up the stairs to her own room.

"Love you too, Ma."

After I finish cleaning up, I switch on the TV and settle down on the couch.

"Hello, I'm David Geture and welcome to the 11 o'clock news." A guy with a crisp, navy-blue suit says as he shuffles his script. "The last victim of the virus outbreak has died in Bryce Hospital, Alabama yesterday from causes still unknown. There were originally 42 victims who were moved into quarantine in Bryce Hospital after an outbreak in a military science lab. The victims has started going crazy in their own homes, attacking family, friends and anyone else who got close. Fifteen days ago, they were moved to Bryce Hospital, where their mental state rapidly decreased and staff were forced to move them into quarantine to prevent any injuries or fatalities to other patients. As the days passed, the victims of the outbreak started to flatline at seemingly random moments of the day and, although doctors tried to revive them, nothing could be done. No more cases of the outbreak have been brought to light and it seems that the military have brought the virus under control. The military assure the people of the United States that there is nothing to worry abo-"

I switch off the TV and throw the remote onto the table. It was most likely a hoax or a publicity stunt by the media to get more views. It's not like they haven't done something like this before. Still, it sends shivers down my spine and I take a deep breath. I stretch and tiredly make my way up the small, oak stairs to the second floor, before climbing a small, wooden ladder to the attic, a.k.a. my bedroom. I draw the curtains and change into my jogging bottoms and a baggy shirt before slipping into bed. I only realized how tired I was when I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.



"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I sit bolt upright in my bed as a scream sounds out from the floor below me.

"Jed." I whisper. I leap out of bed and quickly climb down the ladder, grabbing my steel baseball bat and shoving on my sneakers as I did so. Another scream sounds out and I recognize it this time as Thom.

"Jed! Thom!" I yell as I race down the stairs, taking three, even four, steps at a time. By the time I reach the first floor the screaming has stopped and a eerie silence had settled in the air. "Jed? Thom?" I say cautiously.

If they were pranking me, I swear to god those little twits would pay. However, as I turned the corner, I almost dropped the bat. Both Jed and Thom lay motionless on the carpet, which was now stained red with blood. A shadowy figure crouched over them, biting into their arms. I whimper at the sight of my little brothers and the figure stops. It looks up and lunges at me, roaring ferociously with it's blood-stained mouth. My instincts tell me to swing the bat, so I do. The steel weapon connects solidly with the figure's skull, sounding a sickening crack. It falls to the ground and goes limp. I step gingerly closer, turning it over with the bat to see it's face. I scream at the sight and back up quickly, tripping over something and ending up sprawled on the floor. I clutch the bat as though it was my life-line. It was Darren from next door. Funny, caring Darren. I turn my face to look away from my best friend's caved in face only to see what remained of my brothers. I scream again and scramble back until I was against the cool, french doors that led into the back garden.

"Thom! Jed! Riley!" Mother yells as she turns the corner. She stops when she sees Darren and tears fall down her face when she sees her, now stone-cold, beloved boys. "No..." Her eyes find me and she runs over until she sees the red tinge on the bat. "Riley... What happened...?" Her voice shakes. I whimper again.

"Darren... He... He was hurting Thom and Jed... He almost hurt me too, but I hit him with the bat." I burst into tears. "I'm sorry, mom! I was too late! I should've saved them!" Her arms hold me close.

"Sh, sh, sh. It's not your fault, Riley... It's not your fault." I hug her back tightly. "I just can't believe that Darren would..." Through my blurry sight, I see something shifting and slowly coming towards us.

"Mom!" I yelp and she spins around as Darren lunges for her. I swing the bat again and he falls to the floor with a thud. Mother helps me up as I stare at Darren. "Oh, God..." I see his sandy hair flop across his bloody face that was now hardly recognizable. "Mom, I-" She screams and I spin around, only to see Thom sink his teeth into her neck and Jed latching on to her legs and tripping her.

"RILEY, RUN!" She yells as my two younger brothers begin to tear her apart. I stand frozen, watching the horrific sight until Mother screams again. "RUN, DAMMIT, RUN!" I had never heard her talk like that, so I knew she was scared. I scramble to the french doors and wrench them open stumbling out into the cold air and wet grass. "RUN, RILEY!" Mother's voice was getting weaker, so I didn't dare look back as I raced for the gate.

"I LOVE YOU, MOM!" I yell as I yank open the gate. I think I hear mother start to say something, but is cut short in the middle of it.

Tears stream down my face as my sneakers slap against the street rhythmically. My heart races as I hear more screams be silenced in different houses along the street. I was scared that if I stopped running I would die, so I kept running.

I think, in a way, I still am.

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