Forgive Me

Seven months ago there was a virus outbreak in some sort of lab. For reasons unknown at the time, a handful of people started going crazy, trying to eat anyone who came to close. They were put in asylums and labeled as crazy psychopaths.
Then it got worse. Much worse.
People, neighborhoods at a time, started going on murdering sprees eating anyone unfortunate to stumble into their line of sight.
Now, I know this is gonna sound cliche, but no-one knows where that lab is, how the virus was created or how it got out. Hell, even I sound like a I'm directing one of those zombie movies or something.
But that's what we call them now.
I mean... That's what they are...


2. Authors' Note

So you've probably realized that the character in the first chapter doesn't have a defined gender. We have a pretty good reason for that.

We are basically going to be writing this as we go along and we aren't too sure where we are going with this yet. This means that we need help defining the first of the main characters and we think it would be great to get the reader's thoughts.

What we already know about the first main character:

Silver hair (Length not yet determined)

Name is Riley (Unisex name)

Age in first chapter is 17


Here's where you guys come in. We need ideas!

Post in comments:

-More about appearance

-Two different Traits (Personality)

-Three-four skills


-Sexual Orientation (Gay, Straight, Bi) (This might become more important later in the book as this character develops relationships)


Thanks to everyone who posts!


P.S. If you comment doesn't get used for this character, we may use it for a different character later on. :)



We will be taking on IceCreamBoy (Tanner) to help write the story and might consider taking on another person to co-author. :) Please comment below if you wanna co-author and, depending on how many people want to co-author, we might put names in a draw. <3

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