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1. New Boy

"Next we have a worksheet on slavery and if you work well we will watch a clip!" Why did Miss Tharen say this like it was a good thing? And whatever shop she got that skirt from should be shut down. Seriously though, she MUST have been bullied in school. This torture exceeds for another ten minutes before the door opens and (no exaggeration) the fittest boy I have ever seen walked in. Me and Rosie looked at each other and smiled at the same time. (Rosie is my bestie btw)

"You must be Master Maynard." Seriously.

"I prefer Conor" Even his voice is dreamy!

"Well Conor, you are just in time, we are about to watch a clip about the slave trade and then we are doing a pop quiz!"

Great! She will scare him out the country before I get to meet him. Why is she so weird. She was obviously bullied at school and her glasses are just-

"You will sit next to Miss Fern"


Scrap all that, this is my favourite teacher by far. I always loved that a way. Anyways I'm sure she was prettier in high school and I'm going to stop thinking about all that now because my future boyfriend is walking my way! Do what Rosie told me - she is the flirt expert.

1. Twiddle with hair....check

2. Flash a smile....check

OMG he smiled back. His teeth are so white and his jawline is so chiselled.

3. Speak....why can't I speak? I can feel the words building up at the back of my throat. This has never happened before. Why do I feel afraid to give the wrong impression? What if I look easy?! Wait, why do I care? I just want to bed him. Yeah, I just want to bed him.

"Hey" I say while winking. His smile drops and he sighs. Not the reaction I expected but maybe if I carry on...

"So what's a hot thing like you doing in a country as boring as this" I twiddled my golden locks around my index finger trying to loo him in the eyes with my famous baby blue ones. He made no eye contact and just replied with a "not your business" Great looks but shit personality...still want to bed him though. I will get my way! I have slept with the whole of the football team twice and a few jocks in the year above. I will NOT let some extremely sexy boy with a buff body ruin my record. People say I'm a slut but they don't know anything about me and only the virgins say I'm a slag. They are just jealous.

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