The City

Set in the future, in a country called Norski, it faces threats from other countries. The Lords train up all of its people in to soldiers. If you do not qualify then you get sent to the city. No one wants to get sent to the city. Will Rose Fray be able to make it out before the final people get sent to the city or will she fail with the rest?


3. The Forest

Amber struggled after me, a mountain of logs in her fragile arms. I balanced my pile perfectly as we trudged home through the mud. “Rose please tell me how you can get out of it” Ambers voice called sweetly after me. I stopped in my tracks and let Amber catch up.

“Alright, so in The City, where we are taken, we do scrutinising training, a lot harder and crueller than what they do at school. We then undergo tests about two months after we arrive, if we have improved and succeeded then the top ten get to go home and train back at school. It sounds simple but it will be hard.”

Amber let out a little whimper and shuffled closer to me as we got closer to home. “Will you be ok?” She sniffed trying to keep in line with my fast pace walking. “Of course I will, who do you think I am?” I nudge her with my elbow and let out a small chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

 “But what if you don’t pass the tests?” Amber inquired thoughtfully.

“Then I stay there training till the next picking and undergo more tests. If I pass then I get to go be a soldier, get to go out in the field!” I say triumphantly. “And if I don’t pass them tests then I’m not sure what happens, normally you would stay on in the city but as I’m 18 that’s the oldest you can be to stay in The City. I’ve heard stories and rumour about failures, horrible ones, b-but I’m not sure what happens.” I say my voice lowered and fragile.

I hear Amber choke back a sob. “Let’s not think about that though! Let’s just think about me trying to pass the tests in two months! I’m strong Ambie, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.” I give her an encouraging smile before depositing my pile of wood in the basket on the front porch.

“Come on lets go get ready Ambie!”

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