The City

Set in the future, in a country called Norski, it faces threats from other countries. The Lords train up all of its people in to soldiers. If you do not qualify then you get sent to the city. No one wants to get sent to the city. Will Rose Fray be able to make it out before the final people get sent to the city or will she fail with the rest?


2. Father

“Pass the marmalade Rose” my dad’s gruff voice rose from the opposite side of the table. I grabbed the glass jar of the sunset coloured marmalade, the jar cool against my touch, and handed it over to my dad “thanks my sweet”. He dipped his knife in to the marmalade and piled it on then spread it over his burnt toast, the knife grating against the stiff bread. Amber made a face as she dipped her spoon in to her cereal, she hated marmalade like me. I stared down at my tall glass of cool water as I was unable to stomach anything, my stomach felt like marble.

Father raised the toast to his mouth, about to take a bite when his eyes flicked over to me when he suddenly jumps up, his black toast clattering to the plate. “You must eat” he declares, raising his finger and pointing it at me “you will have my petit-déjeuner special” father said in his best French accent, France the country that once stood many years ago. He stumbled over his slippers, his glasses askew on his crooked nose before trotting in to the next room on, the kitchen while humming an unrecognisable tune. Amber jumped up in her seat and stared at me excitably “are you going to finish telling me about today, what’s going to happen, how you may get out!?” Her eyes looked bluer this morning and they shined in the early morning sun. “No” I sighed as I set down my glass of water; Amber receded in her seat a bit looking disappointed “you know dad doesn’t like talking about it”.

Father came back in clattering a plate down in front of me, on it laid a soggy square of what looked like a waffle-bread mixture. “Ta-da” he exclaimed before collapsing in his chair with a thump and biting in to his toast. “Ah lovely day isn’t it. Wonder what we can do today. Beautiful, just beautiful” he said with adoration clear in his voice. He picked some of his crust expecting it closely, before chucking it on his plate and making a face. “Dad” I said timidly. He rose his eyes to me “You can’t ignore what’s going to happen today, it can’t be stopped. We haven’t spoken about this once. I don’t even know if I’ll see you again after today!” I exclaimed. I could feel my throat start to close up. Father put down the rest of his toast as his face softened. “You know your mother would be proud of you, if she could see you. She wouldn’t be disappointed, she’d be so proud that your holding up as strong as you are” his eyes flicked upwards as if mother was actually there hovering over us, watching us like our guardian angel. “Even though she’s not with us she still loves you, as much as I love you which are extreme amounts. And even though she’s not here with us in the room, she’s here with us always, in our hearts.” He gave an encouraging smile before returning to his toast and I knew that would be the most I’d get out of him.

“Ah Rosie and Amby, go get the wood my sweets” Father sighed with satisfaction. I set down my breakfast and stood up, my chair scraping against the brittle floor.  “Come on Amber” I said pulling on  my black boots and shrugging on my leather jacket “we have to hurry”.  

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