The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


7. what he wants

We drive our car to the nearest wooded area. We park the car and hike till we find the perfect area. We leave our cells in the car. So we can focus on eachother. I set up the tent while he is starting a fire. And warming up some water for tea. I finish setting it up and put our bedding in the tent. I make it all nice and tidy, but I know what he wants. He wants sex. Oh well might as well let him have it. The bedding isn't going to stay nice for long. I walk out of the tent to get a cup of tea. We set out in front of the fire, it's dark. We are snuggling with eachother keeping each other warm. He just randomly picks me up puts me in the tent, zips it up and then he rips off his jeans while I am taking off my clothing. He lays on top of me kissing me. He kisses me all the way down my body. I moan in pleasure. He sticks his hard dick inside me. I squeal of pleasure. He begins to thrust gently as I claw at his back. He then begins to fasten his pace. He is really good at this. He gets up and I decide to give him a blow job. I look up at him as he moans while putting his hand on my head while thrusting his bottom in my mouth. After our little thing, we lay down and he breathes heavily beside me. He leans over and all he does is whisper "Round Two."

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