The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


6. the disturbing wake up

*Laughter* What the hell? Is what I thought. Austin and Phil grabbed a cup of water and splashed a cup of water all over us, is what woke me up. I jumped up. I was barely clothed. "What the fuck, guys?!" Alan said wearing only a pair of boxers. "Did you guys have fun last night?" Austin said giggling like a little girl. "Shut up Austin." I threw on my shirt and my shorts. While Alan was putting his pants on. "Go away. We are going to go out today. " "fineeee. You guys should come over tonight?" Phil said. Phil had his own place. "Fine, okay. We will be there later." They left and Alan said, " can we please have sexxxx?" "No." "Ugh finee. We should go camping tonight." "Why?" "Cause I like camping. We are alone and no one will wake us up." "What about Phil's place?" "We can ditch them?" "Okay, sure. What will we do?" "You'll see." He winked at me. He got really close and started to kiss my neck. "A-lannn. Stooppp. We have to go pack." He picked me up and he took me to my room, people stared at the fact that I had a guy with me and my hair was a mess. By the way, I don't live with my parents anymore I graduated early and so I moved out, I work on the weekends sometimes. I clean the apartment owners house, to live there. But he sure does love to carry me. When I got to my room I fed my cat and began to pack. "Babe?" Alan asked. "Yeah?" "Uhm. We should uhm. Move in together?" "Alan we have only known eachother for a couple of days." "So who cares. We are happy and if I move in we will be even happier." "I- don't know." "C'mon pleaseeee?" "I will think about it." " ugh okay." I want to say yes, but I don't want to sound like to easy you know?

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