The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


4. meeting the band.

I woke up the next morning to my phone going off. Indicating a text. I reached out to grab the phone. I opened the text it was from Alan. "Hey beautiful. Hurry up I miss seeing your gorgeous faceeee." I replied," I will, just wait. Be there in about 45 min." I then got up and hopped into the shower. I threw my hair up in a bun, put on some makeup and put on some clothes and then headed out the door. I took out my phone once I got out the car. I had another text. "Babeeeeee. Hurrrrryyyyyy." " I am on my way, Alan. Chill." I then drove out to the hotel. "What's your room number?" I texted him once I was in the parking lot. "Too floor room 25." I practically ran to the elevator and once I got to the floor I ran down the halls almost missing his room. I knocked on the door. Trying to calm myself. He opened and picked me up and carried me to the couch and kissed me and then threw me on the couch. Austin was sitting on the bed nearest to me. "Hey, my name is Emma." "Hahah, I know who you are, Alan won't shut up about you." Alan was embarrassed. "Where is Aaron, Tino, and Phil?" "They went to go get breakfast they will be here in a couple of hours." Austin replied. I sat on the couch, Alan ran up to me and just like layed on top of me as started to cuddle and kiss me. I liked it. It was nice and adorable. The band seemed to like me. I feel like I belonged with Alan.

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