The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


1. Meeting Mr. Ashby.

Emma P.O.V. I am waiting in line to meet Of Mice & Men. I can't wait to see Alan Ashby in person. (: I am 8 people away. I walk up slowly to them. Aaron signs my shirt first. Tino signed my poster. Alan signed a piece of paper, I said, Hey. He tried to start a conversation but security said we had to keep things moving I have him a hug, the rest of the band signed a poster. And I got into my car. I opened up the paper that only alan signed it said," Hey, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Text or call me. (he left his number) Your secret love, Alan Ashby. (: " I literally about cried. I grabbed my phone out of my middle car compartment and dialed his number. *ring* "Hello?" "Hey. It's the girl that you left your number on a piece of paper." " oh, hey beautiful." "Thanks. (:" "no problem. I will pick you up we are going to dinner tonight." "Uhm. Okay? (I gave him my address to my apartment)" "alright see you in about 2 hours." "Bye." "Bye love."

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