The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


10. going back home

When we got back from skinny dipping, we took down the tent and cleaned up the area and took our things to the car. Some campers decided to move where we were so we moved quickly. They looked at us really weird when our skin was all wrinkly from swimming for so long. And our hair realed of lake water. Oh well. We got out of that place as soon as we could. We drove off the mountain hand in hand. Our phones were going off so much. Alan went to answer a text from Austin then BOOM. The car flipped. I don't remember much from then to when I woke up to Austin and Phil standing about me in a hospital. "What-what happened?" I asked. "Alan was answering my text and he ran off the road, he is in a deep coma. You aren't aloud to leave. Until you are fully recovered." I then blacked out again. Don't remember anything. I woke up. "Hey babe, your awake! NURSE SHE IS AWAKE." "Wh-where am I?" "It has been 2 weeks since you woke up last. I haven't left your side. I love you so much Emma. I was this close to loosing you, I am so sorry for causing you all this pain for just trying to answer on text." "It's fine, Alan. I love you too. When can we leave?" "Once they check you out. They are busy so take a nap. I remember him lifting me and laying down right beside me and then setting me gently on his chest. He kissed my forehead. "I love you." "Love you too." I whispered.

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