The Wait.

Emma goes to a concert, she meets Alan. He falls in love, only problem is she is underage.


3. Dinner

*knock knock* I open the door. I peer out, there wasn't any one at the door. That was odd. He then poked his head out of the side of the door. He straightened his posture. "Why hello." "hahah. My name is Emma." "Why hello Emma." He said with this really cute smile. "Hahah. Hai." " you ready to go? " " of course." He grabbed my hand and led me out the door. I dressed somewhat casual. We walked to a little diner hand in hand. It was quite sweet. We sat in a little booth. "So where are you from Emma?" "I was born in Las Vegas." "That's cool, how old are you?" "17." "Really? God damnit. I wanted you to be my girlfriend." "Yeah, I am sorry." "Emma, will you be my girlfriend? We can just keep it a secret??" "I sure will." He leaned over the table and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "You should come hang out with the band with me. They can keep secrets." "Okay, yeah sure. Where is your place?" "We are staying in a hotel, we are always on the road, so I just stay in a hotel until tour is over and it's over next week." "Okay, which hotel?" "Grand Suites. I will text you the room number." "Okay. Thanks for tonight I had fun." "No problem babe." He drove me to my apartment. I was about to open my door when he put his arms around me and gave me a big hug, and kissed me on the fore head. "I will miss you, text me." "I will miss you too." "bye Alan. "Bye Emma."

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