Truth Or Dare

These are ideas for truth or dare.


2. Truths and dares

Hello everyone! This is neon_orange_penguin here. Today I'm going to give you 5 truths and 5 dares. These can be given over text or in a group in person. Anyway I hope you like it and let's get started! 



1. Who in this room (group) or school class do you think is the cutest? For both boys and girls. 

2. What is your most embarrassing moment ever?

3. Who in this room/class would be the best pet? 

4. Where do you most want to live and why? With who? 

5. If you had to choose one or the other, would you rather have your grandma's haircut, or her name? This is for both boys and girls, it makes it more fun. 


Dares for group Truth or Dare


1. I dare you to sing your least favorite song. 

2. I dare you to slow dance with the person to your right. 

3. I dare you to go find a pair of used or unused socks, stick them on your hands and wear them like that for the rest of the game. 

4. I dare you to take an ice cube and hold it in your fist until it melts. (If your evil enough tell them to put a pile of salt on their hand first this will hurt so be careful who you do this to) 

5. I dare you, to walk around the neighborhood or in public pointing to random people and yelling "you'll never get away with this, I will defeat you!" 


Dares for over text 


1. I dare you to text your crush and tell them an embarrassing fact about yourself. 

2. I dare you to go find 3 liquids in your refrigerator, mix them together, and drink them. 

3. I dare you to take a video of yourself doing something weird (ex. Drawing a mustache on your face with marker)  and putting it on a social network (twitter, Facebook, snapchat. Etc) 

4. I dare you to take a bottle of toothpaste and toothbrush and brush another person (or animals) teeth. 

5. This one is a classic. I think. Take some jelly and smear it on one armpit, and smear peanut butter on the other. Wipe them off with two slices of bread. Make a sandwich and eat it. It's extremely gross it you dare a guy to do it. (I know a few who have the hairiest most disgusting armpits ever) 

ok so that was like 15 truths and dares for you to test on friends and family the next time you ever play truth or dare. I hope you like it! Tell me of you used any! Until next time! Byeee 

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