7. Chapter 7

*Nialls POV*

I start walking, my long walk back home. My 4:00 I think I walked 3 maybe 4 miles, out of about 25. Maybe I should work closer to home, just in case something like this happens. I hate myself right now for wearing my clunky work boots. I've been looking around for a pay phone or someone to drive by and help me. A few cars have passed but when I wave out my hands for help, they step on the gas pedal even more. Jerks.

At this point my feet are beyond sore. I think I'm after walking 10 miles but I'm not sure. Kayla gets off work at 8:00 so hopefully I'll be at the house before she gets there so I can cook supper for her. I never loved anyone as much as I love Kayla Edwards. She is my pride and joy, and she is the only one that can make me laugh and smile a certain way. She is beyond perfect, her beautiful face, her flawless curves and most importantly her smile. When I see her smile it makes me smile. She's just so beautiful, like.. I don't know, nothing can compare to her beauty. She has a little scar on her stomach that I think she hates but she is still flawless to me.


While I'm on my hike an old car pulls over in front of me. Who is that? I can't see the person because they're headlights are right in my eyes. It's pretty dark out now, so it's hard to see anyway.

"Niall!" A familiar voice greets me but I still can't see him.

He walks out of the car and then I know exactly who it is. Harry Styles.

"Hey Styles!" I greet back, thankful that it's a friend who seen me walking the streets.

"What brings you walking alone in the streets?" He questions.

"I think my truck has been stolen and I didn't have a phone, wallet or ride so this was my plan." I sigh.

"Wait, who walked all this way from the car shop?" He asks loudly.

"Yep, I had too." I say, wasn't it obvious?

"Well come in with me! I'll take you where you need to go, which I suppose is home with Kylie is it?" He taunts me.

"Kayla. It's Kayla." I tell him

"Oh yeah!!" He says. "Well hop in!" She says.

"You sure it's okay?" I say hoping he will assure me that it's no problem at all.

"Yes, I'll bring you back to precious Kara.. I mean Kaitie. Wait.. Don't tell me.. Kayla! Yes that's it!" He says acting amused while he teases me.

I just smile and roll my eyes. I look at the time on the car, 8:30!? Already! Kayla's already home, probably wondering what happened to me.

"You gotta phone, Styles?" I ask him, needing to call Kayla.

"Sorry man, I left it home." He says back.

I just nod. I can tell where we are in the car, not to far until home.

As we are about to pull onto my street, he keeps on driving right passed it. I thought he knew where I lived.. I mean he's been there a few times.

"Eh, Styles? You missed my road there man." I say not trying to make me seen rude.

"Oh did I?" He questions.

"Yeah, you did!" I make a fake chuckle. "It's okay though there's a place to turn around right here by the corner store."

I point at the corner store, thinking that he would turn around but nope he keeps driving. He turns to look at me he can tell that I'm confused because it's quite obvious. He just smirks at me and turns his head back at the road.

"Hey man, sorry but I really need to get home, can you turn around?" I ask as nicely as I can.

He doesn't answer, he just smirks for a few moments then turns to me.

"Kayla's a nice girl isn't she?" He asks. This is weird too weird.

"Yea.. But man I need to go see her!" I almost shout.

"You still don't get it do you?" He says obviously amused by my anger.

"Get what?!" Now I'm shouting.

"That you aren't going home to see 'Kayla'." He stresses her name when he says it.

"Just let me out of the car right now Harry. I mean it." He is driving pretty slow, so I could just open the door and hop out. I check to see if the door is locked and it's not. Good. As I pull the handle to open the door it doesn't move. I push a bit harder but I still doesn't budge.

"You can't get away, Horan." He just smirks.

"What do you want Harry?! Just let me out if the car!" I'm yelling in his face.

"Me? What I want? What I want is Kayla. She is so pretty with her nice hair and she will be mine."

He spits at me.

"Are you crazy? She is mine Harry! You are mental!" I'm am so mad right now, but what did I ever do to him?

"Listen. She is going to be mine."

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