5. Chapter 5

I somehow managed to fall to sleep, but not for long. I open my eyes and look at my clock. "Really, only 3:00am!" I groan to myself. I slump back on the pillow and close my eyes again.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* My alarm goes off and I open my eyes, I try to turn it off while whispering "shut up!" But then it falls off my night table. It is still going off so I pick it up off of the the floor.

I lean over to tell Niall to wake up since for some reason he doesn't wake to an alarm. As I go to tap his arm I notice he wasn't there. I place my hand on my forehead and sigh. I could have sworn that was a dream. Why couldn't it be a dream, well a nightmare? I haul myself out of the bed and put on my pink, fluffy slippers Niall gave to me. I don't know why he gave them to me, it wasn't an occasion, oh yeah.. He loves me. Why cant I just have a normal life. Not have to worry about your boyfriend who is gone missing. Ugh, this day already sucks.

I dial 9-1-1 again, I should really learn a different number for the police but.. Ehh to much work.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency?" The same girl from last night answers. Geez.. She has a long shift. I think to myself.

"Uhm.. Did you find him yet?" I feel like I asked this to many times, but hopefully one of these times my dream will come true.

"No, nothing at the moment. Since it has been more then 24 hours we will get even more help."

"Thank god." I sigh and I feel relieved.

"I will try my best." She says.

"Ok, find him soon, please." I sound so pathetic but it's Niall I'm talking about.

"Of course." She answers. She's probably getting annoyed with my calls but I can help it.

I say a quick thank you but it's not like she did anything yet. I hang up the phone.

(Sorry this wasn't very long but.. Yeah sorry!)

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