46. Chapter 43

~day of Kidnap~

*Kayla's P.O.V*

I'm getting kidnapped today. It's so odd to know the day your getting kidnapped, like most people would go in hiding but nope not me. I'm waiting with my camera/microphone on my flower necklace that Niall gave me. "Are you ready?" I hear Niall ask.

"Ready as I'll ever be I guess.." I reply.

"You'll be okay, I'll come save you and then you will be fine, dot worry." Niall assures me.

"Yeah, I hope your right."

Suddenly my phone buzzes, I have a text message.


*im coming now and harry put a camera on me so act scared ok?*


Well obviously Harry doesn't trust Zayn as much as we thought, if he put a camera on Zayn.

Niall tells me he's going in the shower and Zayn is supposed to come while he's in the shower. "Bye Niall, I love you" I say.

"I love you too, I'll see you in a few days." He says then he kisses me.

As he walks upstairs I blow him a kiss and he pretends to catch it and hold it to his heart, which made me laugh. When I can't see him anymore I wait for two minutes and there is a knock on the door. Time to get my scared face on. I open the door and when I see Zayn I pretend to be scared. He quickly grabs my arm and puts his hand on my mouth. He starts to drag me out of the house but I'm letting Zayn take me to easily. I need to put up a fight or run away. I will go with the second choice. I squirm out of Zayn's grip and try to make a run for it, just to show that I'm trying to escape. Zayn is to quick though, he grabs the back of my hoodie and I plummet to the ground. I land with a grunt and I get picked up again. This time Zayn slings me over his shoulder and he whispers in my ear "good job". He stuffs me in the truck and speeds down the road.

I start to fake cry and I look out the window. The plan worked so far, get kidnapped.Check.

*Niall's P.O.V*

So now Kayla is in the truck with Zayn. She is doing an amazing job so far, I'm so proud. Me and Liam are watching what's happening through Kayla's camera and so far the plan is working. "Look, they're at Louis' frat house!" Liam points out when they're truck stops.

*Kayla's P.O.V*

Really the frat house?! And as usual there is a party, I see Luke, the guy who helped me find Louis' room. Luke waves to me and I wave back. Zayn leads me up to Louis' room and he brings me inside. Of course Louis and Harry are there waiting. "Why hello there love." Louis greets me. I don't say anything I just look down at my feet.

"Welcome back Kayla." Harry says while staring at me. "Are you going to thank us for greeting you?" He asks.

I sigh and look up at Harry and I give him a death glare. He chuckles at my glare and he walks up close to me.

"I missed you" he whispers in my ear.

I shiver because his voice went right through me like a knife. Harry finally leans back to his normal standing position, away form me. "Good work Zayn." Harry says and smirks at Zayn.

"I try my best." Zayn states.

"Now come on Kayla we are going downstairs to the party!" Louis says.

Louis pushes me out the door and holds my arm to make sure I don't try to escape. He leads me downstairs and I see Luke. Luke walks over to me with his long legs and says to me and Louis "so are you two an item now or what?!"

My jaw drops and I'm about to say no way, never ever in a million years will I date Louis! But of course Louis cuts in and says "yes Kayla is my girlfriend!"

I can just imagine Niall at home watching us on the camera, I bet there's steam coming out of his ears.

"Well, I'm happy for you two! How about you guys kiss, and I'll take a picture!" Luke states while he claps his hands.

Before Louis can say anything I quickly say "oh.. I don't think that's necessary.."

"Oh come on!" Luke says then he starts chanting "kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" And before I know it, the whole frat house is saying it.

Louis looks at me and smirks, then he leans in but before I can pull away he wraps his hands around my head so I can't move my head. His lips touch mine and I can taste alcohol. I thought it would be a short kiss but then Louis slides his tongue in my mouth. This is disgusting. I only ever kissed liked this was with Niall and that's the only person I wanted to do it with. I keep my tongue dead, so Louis thinks I'm boring. It didn't work though, Louis manages to wrap his tongue against mine and he backs me into the wall. I open my eyes and look for Zayn. I spot him and he is already watching. He gives me a sympathetic look and I squeeze my eyes shut. Suddenly Louis puts one of his hands on my thigh and squeezes it. This is very uncomftorable. Louis quickly pulls away and I'm wondering why he pulled away so suddenly, we'll not that I'm complaining but I see Harry standing next to Louis. Ahh.. That's why, Harry is jealous because he wants me to kiss him. Yeah, not going to happen.

Harry looks beyond angry he storms his way to me and grabs my shoulder very tightly. I yelp in pain when his grip tightens.

"H-Harry your hurting m-me" I stammer trying to hold back tears.

"Good" Harry replies, then he gets that evil smirk on his face.

All I know is that I'm in trouble.

(Hey guys!!! I tried to make this chapter a bit longer then the rest since I won't be posting much this week. If you guys haven't noticed, I try to update every second day soooo yeah:)

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