43. Chapter 40

*Zayns P.O.V*

I strut out of Kayla and Niall's large house and I quickly dial Liam's number. If I can get him to come with me, Kayla and Niall, we can have four people against Harry and we can take him down before he hurts anyone else. Like I said before, I'll be the guy who Harry thinks he can trust but actually I'll just report everything back to my group. Well I'll just call me, Liam, Niall and Kayla a group even though were more of a gang. After what seems like forever Liam finally picks up his phone. "Zayn?" I hear him say. He says my name in a husky voice so I assume he just woke up from a nap.

"Hey man, what's up?" I say.

"Uh not much.. You?" He seems a bit confused on why I called him.

"Look.. You know Kayla Edwards right?"

"Yeah I do, and I also know she was kidnapped by Harry Styles." Liam answers.

"Good, so I don't have to tell you that part. Well, I called you because I need your help. Me, Kayla and Niall have made a little group.. We are going to try to get Harry caught for his crime. We need your help because Kayla trusts you and Harry wouldn't suspect you would be against him, since you don't know him that well. If we had you, we would have 4 people on our side.. Which would make Harry only have two that we know of, who are him and Louis. So.. You in?" I say.

"Ehh.. There's something you should know.... Uhm, I'm just going to say it.. But Harry is m-my step brother." Liam says.

"Woah.. I did not know that." Crap! I hope he doesn't have a 'brotherly' relationship with Harry because Liam could tell Harry everything I just said. This whole plan could be ruined.

"Don't worry man.. I don't really talk to him, I see him in the house sometimes but he's usually gone out. I'll join your group, I promise not to tell anyone and I want to keep Kayla safe so I'll help. You can count me in." Liam says.

Thank god.. I thought I was in serious trouble.

"Thanks, this really means a lot man.. Because I care for Kayla too and I don't want Harry to ruin her life, more then he already did." I say, relieved that I can trust Liam.

"Alright, well do we meet anywhere or something.. To yanno talk?" Liam says.

"Oh yeah, tomorrow we are going to Kayla and Niall's house it's 54 ocean cres." I say to Liam.

"Okay I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye" I press and on my phone.

This may work after all.

*Louis' P.O.V*

"Man when can we get Kayla back? I need a girl change, because the one I'm with now is so annoying.. And plus Kayla is super hot and-" I start to talk when Harry cuts me off.

"Shut up, I'm trying to think. Don't worry we'll get her soon.. We just need Zayn's help. For some reason Kayla likes Zayn so he can manage to bring her to me without having to hurt her." Harry explains.

"Want me to call Zayn?" I ask.

"Yeah tell him we need him to meet up with us tomorrow at 7:00pm to discuss what to do."


I dial Zayn's number and he answers on the second ring.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

Perfect I knew I would get a call, when they need my help. "Hello?" I answer Louis.

"Hey man, we need you to meet with us tomorrow at 7 because we need to get Kayla back." Louis instructs.

"Fine I'll be there." I pretend that I don't want to go but infect I need to go to get some information for my group.

"Alright bye."

"Bye." I smirk at the idea of the group actually working.

We can pull this off, it may be hard but we can do it. Now all I have to do us wait for my group meeting tomorrow with Harry then I'll head to Kaylas house to share the info.

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