4. Chapter 4

I decide to get a shower, to keep my mind of Niall. My Niall. As the warm water touches my cold skin the tears start to fall. I can't help it, I'm trying to stay strong but I just can't. I sob into the water and put the shampoo into my hair. I'm so careless with my hair, I just flip and flop it around trying to rinse the soap out. Then a lock of hair plops on my eye, it starts to sting but for some reason I like it. Wait why would I like the pain of soap in my eye? What is wrong with me?

I turn the water off and I'm pretty sure there is still soap in my hair. I dry myself off and put my onesie on, the one Ni- Niall have me. When I think of him it makes me want to get in my hands and knees and cry, but I don't think I can my head is pounding from the tears.

After about 5 minutes if just standing in the one spot, not thinking, not moving, not blinking just staring at the wall, I decide to dial 9-1-1 again. Maybe I should have dialled the emergency number to find information about Niall but I don't know the other number.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency?" The girl from my last call answers.

"Did you find Niall yet?" I snap in the phone, I didn't mean to sound so harsh. Oops?

"Miss.." She says.

"Edwards" I say.

"Ok, miss Edwards, we have not located Niall yet, we are trying our hardest. Ok?"

"No your not! I need him okay? I need Niall! Please, you don't understand!" I cover my face with my hand, and sob. Again.

"Breathe, I assure you I am trying to locate your friend."

"Boyfriend." I bark.

"Alright, boyfriend. Look we are trying, it isn't easy to locate a missing person."

I sigh into the phone and look down at my leg. Why is it bleeding? I examine it and see a cut in my leg. "What the-" I say, forgetting the 9-1-1 operator is still on the line.

"What is the problem miss Edwards?"

"Ehm.. I just found a random cut on my leg and it's bleeding. It's nothing"

"Are you sure your okay?"

"Yes, yes I'm fine.. Just find him please?" I squeak.

"I will try my best." She confidently says in the phone.

"Okay thanks, for.. Everything."

"No problem" I assume she's smiling right now.

I hang up my phone. It's already 11:00 I need sleep, but I know that's not going to happen. I sigh one more time before closing my eyes and trying to dose off. But I can't, I need him, I need Niall.

(Hey guys sorry I didn't update in a little while! Sorry:( but thanks for reading!)

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