39. Chapter 37

"Im so happy I have a walking cast now, I don't even need crutches!"

I'm still excited from my trip to the hospital where the doctors equipped me with a walking cast. It's so much easier to use, and I can use my hands for something other then my crutches.

"Alright, I'm going to my new job interview!" Niall proudly says as he adjusts his tie.

"You look hot in a suit." I blurt. I really didn't mean to say that.

Niall's cheeks turn red, and it's so cute when he's embarrassed.

"Okay.." Niall laughs and he pulls me in to him for a kiss. It's a quick one though, to quick.

"Well, while your gone I need to run to the grocery store." I say.

"Okay since we have two cars now, that can happen. If anything happens call me okay?"

"Okay I will."

"Bye I love you."

"I love you too."

Niall waves and walks out of the house. Now I need to get the grocery list and start shopping. The list is on the counter and it says



-orange juice


-chicken breasts


I fold the list and put it in my pocket. Yes my skirt has a pocket. I grab my bag and walk to the new car. It smells like new car too, I love that scent. There is a grocery store just down the road so I don't have to drive far.

I enter the grocery store and I grab a basket. I don't need a huge cart since I only have a few items to get. I walk over to the dairy section and quickly take a carton of milk and some butter. I start to walk to the meat department when I see a tall figure with curly hair. I quickly skip to cart full of oranges and duck down behind it.

Harry's here. I can't believe it. Why is he here?

Thankfully Harry doesn't see me. That's when I look over to see Louis standing next to him picking out some meat. Fear travels through me and I shudder, remembering what happened. Stay calm. Stay calm. I breathe in and out.

Suddenly Louis turns around and I think he sees me. I pretend that I'm looking for oranges and Louis didn't recognize me. Thank god for my makeover.

If it was Harry I'm sure he would have walked over to me.

I sigh in relief when they exit the store. I quickly swipe out my phone and dial Niall's number.

"Is everything alright?" He quickly asks.

"T-they were at the store." I shiver.

"Who's they?"

"H-Harry and Louis."

"Did they see you?"

"No.. I hid behind oranges."

"Oh my, only you Kayla."

"Well I'm sorry I bothered you, I needed to tell you."

"I know and I'm glad you called, but I have to go to my interview. I love you."

"I love you too."

I'm about to slide my phone in my bag when I vibrates. Ooh a text message.

*nice to see you at the store Kayla.. Or should I say Kayley. ;)*

Oh no. How does he know my new name, and how does he know my number? I quickly dial Niall again. It goes straight to voicemail, of course he's at his interview.

I quickly rush around the store grabbing the items I want and I make a beeline to the checkout. There is no line up so it doesn't take long to get checked out.

I grab my bags and walk to my car. I stow my groceries in the passenger seat and I'm about to start my car with my keys, and I reach for my purse to get my keys and I realize I left my purse in the checkout line! I mumble a half "grrr" and a half "ughh" and I stomp back in the store to retrieve my bag. It's not there. My phone was in there! Man..

"Uhm, excuse me? I accidentally left my bag here, have you seen it?" I ask.

"Oh, a tall man said he will bring it to you." She replies.

Harry has my phone. And all of my money, my I.D and my drivers license! This is worse then I thought. I put my head in my hands and let out a sigh.

"Okay, thanks.." I mutter to the lady.

I walk out if the building and I sit in my car and think. About what, I'm not sure. But I was just thinking. A sudden knock on my car window stops my thinking. I look up and sure enough it's Harry. He looks at me in the eyes and he grins evilly. "Open up Kayla.. I have your bag which contains a surprisingly big amount of tampons." Harry smirks at me through the glass.

"What do you want Harry?" I scoff, still sitting in my car.

"Me? I want nothing, I'm just retrieving your belongings like the good man I am."

I start to laugh. Then I stop. "Oh, you were being serious.."

I'm surprised by my harsh tone. He deserves it.

"Hey! I guess you don't need these" he says while he pulls out a handful of tampons from my bag and dumps them on the ground.

"Harry! Put them back!" I shout at him.

"How about this, I lay your bag here and I back away, so you can get it without coming into contact with me." He shrugs.

"Fine. Back away." He backs off. "More." I instruct. He walks back more.

I open my door and I bend down picking up all of my tampons, while I keep an eye on Harry so he doesn't come near me. Strong arms wrap around me and I quickly remember Louis' presence in the store. I'm Such an idiot. I kick my legs but he keeps me held tightly.

"No!!" I shout.

"Don't worry Kayla. We aren't going to kidnap you this time, we just want to talk." Louis says in my ear.

Louis pulls out a.. Gun. He puts it to my head and says "follow. Or your dead."

I quickly nod and he puts the gun on my lower back, it's less visible now but it's still pointed at me. He leads me down an alley way and stops in the alley.

"Now.." Louis starts.

I forgot that Harry is still here, he is watching every move I make.

"You ran away. Now you have to pay." Louis states.

"How am I supposed to do that?" I scoff.

"Harry, would you like to start?" Louis asks.

Before I know anything I feel a punch in the face. It almost knocks me to the ground. Harry swings another punch hitting me in the head. I notice Louis doesn't have the gun pointed at me.

"Oh Harry stop for a second, look miss Kayla has a text from Niall!" Louis shouts scrolling through my phone. "It says 'where are you? I'm at home and your not here.' Haha, what should we say Harry?"

"Hmm.. Let's say that there was a huge line at the grocery store and that she's stuck in a traffic jam." Harry states.

Louis types the words and I notice neither of them are paying attention to me. I turn my head towards the exit and I start to run. I can't run overly fast with this boot but it's fast enough.

"You little-" Harry shouts while running after me. I'm not even out if the alley when his long legs catch up with mine.

I get hauled to the ground by Harry and I get punched and kicked by Harry. He kicks me in the head and I think I may go unconscious.

Harry then picks me up and Louis grabs my stuff and I am stuffed into Harry's truck.i start to cry, not only because of what happened but because of pain. My whole body hurts. The truck comes to a halt and I am suddenly picked up and thrown on the ground. My purse is flicked at me and it lands on me. I hear Harry's truck speed off. I then notice where I am, I'm at home and I see Niall run in the lawn to get me.

That's all I remember.

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