38. Chapter 36

Officer Rogers shows us a ton of really nice and really big houses. They are all located an hour away from our old house, which isn't to bad. The worst thing is that I have to quit my job a booster juice. Niall has to quit his job at the car shop for me, but he doesn't seem to care much.

The worst thing is not being able to tell anyone that I'm moving, all of my friends will think I died. Then they will think that Niall moved with his aunt in New Orleans. It's going to be tough, to only have Niall.

My new name is going to be Kayley Evans, I still have my initials K.E so I guess it's not to bad. Niall will remain Niall, hank god because I wouldn't be able to call him anything else. He will probably still call Me Kayla, which is fine I like Kayla better. We bought our house, well I shouldn't say we.. The police force bought it and it's fully furnished and it's a beautiful two story. I just can't wait for my life to be normal because right now it's not normal. It's.. Abnormal.

"Kayla-I mean Kayley, it's time to go, are you ready?" Niall asks me.

"Yeah, but you can still call me Kayla!" I answer back.

"Okay good because I'll never get used to Kayley."

"That's okay!"

Me and Niall entwine fingers again until of course I have to walk, I need both hands for my crutches. I'm finally getting used to my crutches, when you know how to use them you can walk so much faster.

We hop into a jeep that was a gift along with the house, and we start our drive to our new house.

"You know, I'll protect you from anything right?" Niall randomly asks me.

"Of course."

"Okay because last time I got knocked unconscious and you got taken from me again."

"I know, it wasn't your fault it was Harry's."

"Yeah, but when I woke up I felt horrible, I didn't know when I would see you again and I was.. Scared."

His confession made my heart melt.

"Wait-How did you even escape?" Niall asks.

"Well.. To make the story short, I was locked in a room and Harry and Zayn left for a while so I managed to unlock the door with my hair clip so I took all the food I could and went in the woods, then Louis found me..then he tried to rape me but the you came to rescue." I take a deep breath after the long paragraph I said.

"Your so smart, but when you escaped did they come looking for you?"

"Yes, I hid in a tree and they walked underneath me.. I thought I was toast. The odd thing is that Zayn seen me in the tree but he didn't tell Harry, thank god or I would have been caught."

"Oh, well that was nice of him. I still can't believe Louis trying to rape you."

"I know, it was horrible but you saved me."

Niall grins at my words and I was hoping to get that reaction.

"Well.. I'm happy that were safe now, you shouldn't get taken any more."

"Yeah, I shouldn't have gotten taken in the first place."


"You know what scared me the most? It's when I think it was Zayn who told me, but apparently Harry did this to other girls but he killed them. I think that's what made me get an adrenaline rush that helped me escape."

"Wow, I'm so happy you escaped that mess."

"Me too."

"We're here!"

The house is more beautiful in person, it's a huge step up from the small apartment we used to live in. There is a beautiful front yard full of flowers. I smile and I can't wait to see inside.

"Go inside baby, I'll carry in the luggage." Niall says.

I grin and start heading to the door, I unlock it with the keys and step inside. It's gorgeous. Everything is perfect and it is all I would want in a house. I love it.

"It's perfect!" I shout to Niall who is in the driveway.

"Good!" He replies.

It's already 9:00 by the time Niall has everything inside, and I'm pretty tired. I yawn while I stare at the beautiful house that is mine.

"Wanna go to sleep?" Niall asks.

"Mhmm" I tiredly reply.

"Let's go."

Niall helps me up the stairs and I quickly hop on the bed, I don't even care about changing my clothes or brushing my teeth I just want to sleep. And that's just what I do.


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