37. Chapter 35

Niall enters the room with his hair in a short quiff. It looks hot. He is hot. He looks at me and his face looks surprised to see my hair so short, I accept. It now since my stylist told me how it was necessary to cut it. It also doesn't look that bad, to be honest I think it suits me.

"Woah, what a change!" Niall says in amusement.

"It is, but do you like it?" I ask.

I hope he likes it even though it isn't his hair, his opinion matters to me.

"I love it! It actually looks great on you,mod you like it?"


"Yeah it's a big change but I like it."


My stylist walks towards us. "Hey guys, it's time for a slight wardrobe change." She says.

Niall nods while we follow the stylist down the hall. We enter a room full of clothes. I never really care about my wardrobe, I usually just shove on whatever I have clean which is usually a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Niall does the same thing, we both wear jeans and t-shirts. We like it that way though, we like things simple.

My stylist guides me to the girls section and Niall was left with a different stylist. My stylist asks me what I usually wear and when I replied saying jeans and a t-shirt she got really excited. I don't know why.

She reaches in the shelves and hauls out a handful of clothes and she shoves me into a little changing room telling me to try them on.

I do as I'm told and when I take a look at what she got me, I noticed it was all skirts and dresses.

"Great." I mumbled to myself.

As I slide a pink flowery skirt up my legs I look at my cast and notice how the skirt has the same pink as the cast. The shirt I put on is grey with little diamonds on it. It's nice but so girly. I walk out of the room and my stylist seems to like it. She's clapping her hands and smiling.

"That's the one!" She happily says.

"Okay but I need more clothes to last for a while." I say.

"Yes, but now since I know your size and what style you will have I can just pick more of these skirts and shirts with different designs and colours." She explains.

I nod and I look at myself in the mirror, I look so different. It's nice though.

"Oh! I have a surprise!" She says.

I turn my head to her and she pulls out a pair of neon pink crutches. I can't help but smile and quickly take them from her hands.

"These are amazing thank you!" I squeal.

Suddenly Niall comes out with a pair of khakis and a v-neck t-shirt. I thought his hair was hot, but woah. He looks like a star from the movies, a star that you would wish to be your boyfriend but you know that would never happen. But to my luck he already is my boyfriend.

He sees me and he looks at me and his jaw drops.

"W-wow." Niall says after a minute of staring at me.

He comes over and hugs me a he whispers in my ear. "You look so hot." That makes me blush and I keep holding him.

"Alright lovebirds! We have to figure out where your going to live!" Officer Rogers announces.

Me and Niall look up at him.

I love where I live right now, I really don't want to move. But if it keeps me away from Harry I'll do it.

(Hey guys! It means so much when you comment on my story! And I can't believe I have about 240 reads! That is amazing! I wasn't even expecting to get 100! You guys always amaze me! Xx:)

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