36. Chapter 34

*Harrys P.O.V*

I still can't find Kayla anywhere. She could have walked into the woods, and maybe fell and got hurt. I need to find her. And Louis was supposed to be back yesterday! Zayns no help what so ever, I think he wants Kayla to himself and we both know that that's never going to happen.

I take out my phone and dial Louis. "Hello" Louis answers tiredly.

"Why didn't you come back?!" I shout at him.

"Well I uh- kinda took her for myself.." Louis stammers.

"Louis! What the-why?! I can't believe you! She is mine! What did you do to her? Don't tell me you raped her!"

"No, I didn't rape her! Well, I tried.. But Niall came in and took her! He punched me in the face and pushed me to the ground before I could do anything! The farthest I got to touching her was holding her hips and backing her into the wall!"

"Why'd you do that? You know she loves me!"

"Harry she doesn't love you! She loves Niall! Get a hold of yourself!"

"She is mine! But why did you have to take her, you knew I was looking for her!"

"She's so naive, it was perfect.. She trusted me and I, well I pretended like I was saving her and she isn't like other girls! So I-"

"Tried to rape her!" I finish the sentence for Louis.

I hang up my phone in anger. So now Kayla is with Niall again.

*Kaylas P.O.V*

Me and Niall head to the police station to tell them that I was found.

We walk in the building and we are greeted by the receptionist.

"Hello, are you looking for someone specific?" She politely asks.

Niall's answers for me. "Yes, officer Rogers."

"Okay I'll tell him your here."

She quickly pages the officer and tells him he has visitors.

"Alright, you can head into his office on there on the left." The lady says.

Niall entwines his fingers with mine and we walk up to the door that has officer Rogers name on it. Niall opens the door and we both walk in the office.

"Hello-" he says while he turns to look at us. "Kayla? Your found!" He smiles.

"Yes, but I have a feeling I'm going to be taken again.." I say.

"I understand,that's why I have decided to put both of you undercover. By this I mean you both moving and changing your appearances, not to much though, just so your look is different."

I gulp and squeeze Niall's hand.

"I know this will b tough for both of you and especially you Kayla. I think it's best to give you, Kayla a new identity all together."

Me and Niall both gasp. This won't be good.

"It's a lot to take in but this is the best way to keep you safe. We can give you a fake I.D. Do you both agree to this decision?"


Me and Niall both look at each other and he speaks up. "What do you think?" Niall's tone is soft.

"I don't want to be taken again, but I want to be Kayla Edwards."

"I know. I want you to be Kayla Edwards too, but as long as your safe it'll be okay."

"Okay let's do it." I agree.

"Great, first well need to get you to the hair and makeup department."

Officer Rogers leads us to a huge room with lots of makeup and clothes.

"Alright Kayla, if you don't mind could you sit in the chair?" A person who I assume is a hairstylist says.

I agree and sit into the leather chair.

"Now, I'm going to have to dye your hair.. Maybe a little darker, just so you look different." The stylist says.

I didn't even notice but Niall is gone with a different stylist to get his hair done too.

"Also, I realize your hair is very long.. It's a trait that your kidnapper will remember. So we will have to change that."

I don't want to cut my hair! No way, maybe an inch or two but I like my hair length now.

"But I like my hair length, I don't want it cut." I say.

"Look it won't be to much just a bit, maybe a few inches."

"Okay, I guess."

She puts this dark dye into my hair and scrubs my head with shampoo. It feels nice actually it's like I'm at a spa. A spa at a police station.

About half an hour later she takes the towel of my head and she combs out my now almost black hair. I actually like the colour. It's different then my old one, this colour brings out the blue in my eyes.

"I like it."I say.

"Me too!" The stylist happily states.

She dries my hair with the hair dryer then she straightens it. My hair really is long, and it still will be according to what the stylist said. She said only a few inches so it will be fine. My hair is almost to my lower back, it seems a lot longer when it's straightened.

"Alright it's time for me to cut some hair!" She excitedly says.

It isn't that exciting, it's just cutting some hair.

She takes the silver scissors and brings them close to her. She is thinking how much hair to take off and she brings her scissors almost up to my shoulders. Before I can stop her she is snipping my hair off to the floor.

"That is more than a few inches!" I shout when I see some of my dark brown locks hit the floor.

She looks up at me and then she keeps cutting. When she finishes my hair is so short. I go to pull some in front to see the length but the stylist stops me.

"Wait I'm not done yet!" She smiles.

I can't believe her, she lied about cutting my hair.

She brings the scissors to my hair again cutting it shorter, evening out the length.

"Alright, now you can take a look." She simply states.

I pull my hand behind me and touch my back to feel the hair. I thought she cut it to this length but I don't feel hair. I move my hand up until I feel hair. I pull it to the front and it hangs at the top of my shoulders. In fact it doesn't even touch my shoulders, I have to sink my head down to feel the short hair brush my shoulders. I run my fingers through it and I realize that it's way to short. I try to pull it back but it's so short it won't go into a pony tail. My mouth opens in disbelief.

"I can't believe you did that!" I shout at my stylist.

"It had to be done sweetie, it sucks I know but I had to change your appearance."

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