33. Chapter 32

*Kaylas P.O.V*

Louis went in this large frat house over 10 minutes ago. He said he'd only take a second.. Maybe I should go get him? I'll wait 5 more minutes before I do so.

In this very, very large fraternity house I think there is a party, all I can see is the red cups scattered everywhere and the music is blasting. I would not be able to be in a fraternity, way to many parties for me. Over at the pool I see Jade, she is one of Perrie's friends.. I met her a while ago. She's really sweet and pretty, I admire her smile.

5 minutes pass and I decide to go inside and face the music. I take of my seatbelt, and try to walk inside the frat house. My cast is now pink, with spots of black/brown. Running away from Harry must have made it dirty. There is about 50 people outside the house, probably double that inside. I scout for Louis but there is no sign. I sigh and hobble inside of the massive house. Some guys look at me, but one particular guy eyes me then he makes his way to me.

"Hello, I've never seen you here before." The tall boy says.

He has his lip pierced, and he is very attractive. His hair is blonde/ light brown and it's up in a quiff. It's cute.

"Well, I've never been here before.. I'm just looking for my friend." I say.

"Oh, well maybe I can help.. Who is this friend?"

"His name is Louis-I don't know his last name."

"Great, great friendship." He smiles.

"Yes, it's lovely." I sarcastically say.

"Well your in luck, I think I happen to know the Louis your talking about."

"You do?"

"Yes, he uh- brings a lot of lady friends here." He grins.

"Oh... Well do you know where he is?"

"Follow me."

I nod and follow the tall boy up the stairs, it's hard though since my ankle and he moves rather quickly because of his long legs.

"This is his room" the boy points to the door. "Oh, I never caught your name, I'm Luke."

"I'm Kayla." I half giggle.

"Well Kayla enjoy your evening with Louis.." Luke says and he winks.

"No,no.. I'm.. Ugh no. I have a boyfriend.."

"Oh. Oops, well see you later maybe.."

"Okay bye, Luke."

He turns around and he jogs down the stairs.

I knock on the door and Louis quickly answers.

"How did you find my room?" Louis asks me.

"Luke showed me." I shrug.

"Oh. Yeah.. Sorry I'm taking so long, I can't find the charger." Louis stammers.

"Oh, well I can help you look." I suggest.

Louis opens the door wide enough for me to enter and I duck under his arm and walk into the dimly lit room.

I start rummaging through things on his desk, then on his night table. No trace of it yet. Louis is leaning against the door watching me. A bit creepy.. But better then Harry.

I keep searching for the charger, so I can get out of here. The quicker, the better. I sigh and I open the closet door and take a look up there. This charger is no where to be seen. Louis still isn't even helping me.

I bend down on my knees and lower to my stomach, To look under the bed. I sigh in relief when I find it. As I'm about to stand up Louis comes in close to me and he grabs my hips. I didn't know what to do, I was there.. Frozen. I stand up and he pulls my back to his front and he grins.

"Uh.. L-Louis..." I stammer.

"Yes?" He smirks. The way Harry did.

"I ehm-uh found your charger.." I state the obvious.

He looks at my hands and he takes the charger, he flicks it and places his hand back on my hip. He suddenly moves to the corner of the room, pressing me up against the wall. I gulp as he leans in close to my face. He trails his hand up my side, to my chest and as he's doing so, the door quickly opens.

I didn't notice I was crying until a tear dripped on my shoulder.

When the door was opened Louis quickly looks over to see who disrupted him. I squeal when I see Niall in the doorway, panting.

I suddenly jerk out of Louis' grip and hobble over to Niall.

"Thank you for coming" I say while I hug him.

"You're welcome, let's get out of here, yeah?"

I stare back at Louis who is angry. I suddenly take my hand and stick up my middle finger to him. I never done that before, Louis looks at me spangly and so does Niall. Niall laughs at my actions and he brings me out of the room.

"Did he touch you?" Niall asks me.

"No-well not the way you are thinking, but almost. He grabbed my hips.. That's about it, he was going to do something else but you came."

Niall angrily sighs, at Louis' actions.

"You know, we have to start making you look ugly so no one will want you, except me." Niall half jokes.

I girl at his words, but I'm still upset about everything that happened, this past month.

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