32. Chapter 31

"Kayla, I have a phone if you want to call Niall you can." Louis tells me.

"Sure! Thanks!"

I dial Niall's number.

"Louis?" Niall's voice answers.

The sound of his voice soothes me. I just want to be home.

"No, no it's me.. Kayla."

"Kayla! Are you alright? Where are you, I'll come pick you up! Wait, why do you have Louis' phone?"

"I'm fine.. Sorta. Louis is taking me home, he found me!"

"Okay, can I talk to Louis for a second, I can't wait to see you!"

"I can't wait to see you, but okay.."

I hand the phone to Louis.

"Hey mate, I got your girl!" Louis cheerfully says in the phone.

I tap Louis on the arm and tell him I have to use the bathroom, so he pulls into the grocery store and let's me go to the bathroom.

*Louis' P.O.V*

"How did you find Kayla?" Niall barks into the phone.

Good thing Kayla is gone to the washroom, she wouldn't want to hear this.

"Well Niall, Harry called me to help him find her and bring her back to him. But what he doesn't know is that I have Kayla in my custody."

"You are planning on bringing her back right?" Niall cautiously asks.

"Yes, well after I get what I want from her."

"Louis please just bring her back to me, she's been through so much and she trusts you so far.. So don't hurt her."

"I won't hurt her.. Well I mean it shouldn't hurt to much, it will hurt less with practice." I smirk at my dirty words.

"You monster! What is up with everyone trying to get Kayla to be 'there's'?"

"Hey, she's hot. And not to mention, she trusts people easily so it's easy to get her to do things. It's perfect really."

"You are a disgusting person Louis!"

"I know! But I'm good at what I do, if you know what I mean!" I laugh in the phone.

I hang up the phone before he can say anything else.

Kayla comes back from the bathroom, she really is hot.

"Did Niall have to go?" Kayla asks me.

"Uh-eh my phone died." I lie.


Sometimes I do feel bad for the girl.. But right now I need to figure out a way to get Kayla in fraternity house, without her thinking she's going to get kidnapped again.

Maybe I should fake a phone all and say that Niall isn't home.. Wait no, I can't I told her my phone died. I'll tell her that I have to run into my frat house for a second, then I won't come out until she gets tried of waiting and she comes inside with me. Yeah.. This could work.

"Hey, Kayla.. I need to quickly run inside my house and grab my uh- car charger for my phone. While I get it you can stay in here or come inside, it doesn't matter." I tell the girl.

"I'm okay to stay here, I didn't know you have your own house though.. Wow." Kayla sounds amused.

"Oh yeah.. Well it's not mine, it's a frat house.. Which isn't as luxurious as my own."

"Oh" Kayla giggles.

"Well we are almost to my place, so I'll only take a second to get the charger."



I walk inside my frat house and there is a party going on as usual. As I walk down the hall I see Ashton sipping on a drink and he is talking to.. Jesy? I think that's her name.. She's in my science class. I walk along the house whistling when I spot Calum and Demi. They've been going out for a while now, they are a cute couple.

I finally see my door, I open it and see that someone is sleeping on my bed. He's passed out, drunk. I shake him and say "get up", and when I turn to face him I notice it's Michael, my buddy.

"Wakey, wakey Mike." I say to Michael.

"Alright I'm up" he slurs.

He stumbles out of my room.

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