31. Chapter 30

*Harry's P.O.V*

"Where is she Lou?" I ask Louis.

"She had to go to the bathroom."

"Oh alright."

"It's hilarious, she thought I saved her and she told me I saved her life!" Louis starts to laugh, so do I.

After 5 minutes talking to Louis about Kayla, I decide to go get her. I lightly knock on the door but I don't hear anything. I open up the door and she's not in here. The windows open, she must have heard me laughing.

"Louis! She's gone!"


"She heard me laughing with you!"

"She couldn't have gone to far, so let's go."

I grab my keys and run out of the shop. When in my truck, I start the engine to, find my Kayla.

*Kayla's P.O.V*

I hear a vehicle drive by so I hop in a bush. It was pointless, I hear footsteps coming towards me. I try to crawl somewhere else but a hand grips my shoulder. I turn around to see Louis. I try to get away but he's to strong.

"I won't give you up this time." He says quietly.

I have no choice, but to go with him so he puts me in the backseat.

"Look, I feel bad for you.. I want to save you. Okay?" Louis says.

"Why'd you let me go the first time, if it wasn't for me eavesdropping, I would be with Harry." I snap back.

"I know.. I'm one of his friends, he always trusted me so I did him a favour. I'm sorry okay?"

"Please don't.. Give me up again."

"I won't.. But if you don't mind me asking, why does Harry like you so much?"

"That's the problem. I don't know why he wants me.. Apparently he used to kidnap girls and kill them."

"He did.. But he never chased after them, like he did to you."

"Hmmph, lucky me."

"Okay, let's change the subject.. So how did you break your ankle?" Louis asks me.

He's not very good at changing the subject.

"The first time he took me.. I fell since I was chained to a bed and then he tried to pull me out of the room which hurt it more."

"Oh.. Wait this is his second time taking you?!"


"Wow, that must have been frightening for you.."

"It was. Especially the first time, Zayn literally hauled me out of my apartment."

"Wow Kayla, I didn't know you went through so much."

"Well, I went through a lot."

We are diving rather slowly down the dark roads. Suddenly headlights come into view. Harry.

"Kayla, get down, I'll say I didn't see you." Louis quickly states.

I'm in the backseat so it isn't difficult to be out of view. Harry slows down and stops to wind down his window, to talk to Louis.

"Did you find her?" Harry immediately asks.

"No, not yet. But mate, I really have to go, my mum needs me back at the house. I'll come back tomorrow."


Harry drives on by and I sigh in relief.

"Thank you so much Louis. This means so much. Oh, and is there any chance you know a Niall Horan?" I ask.

"Hmm... Niall Horan.. I do know a Niall Horan. He was my buddy back in the day. How do you know him?"

"Well.. He's my boyfriend."

"Oh! Well he's a great guy, I'm happy for you."

"Thanks, he was Harry's friend too, but Harry and him aren't friends anymore.."

"Yeah, Harry kidnapping his girlfriend would put a dent in the old friendship." He sarcastically says.


There is lights up ahead, it's a town!

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