3. Chapter 3

I'm terrified. Everything horrible runs through my head. Was Niall kidnapped? Are they going to hurt him? Will I ever see him again? Then the worst thought, is he going to die? I shudder and I come to my senses. Okay, I have to call the police, I think. I run to the phone and quickly dial 9-1-1. "Hello, this is emergency services what do you need?" I stutter when I tell her that my boyfriend is missing. The operator tells me to slow down and take a breath. But I can't. "How long has he been missing?" She asks.

"Uhm, about an hour or so, but he said he would be home and have my supper cooked by the time I came home!" I shouted in the phone with tears running down my face. "Also, my window was wide open, and me nor him ever opens the window. Ever."

"I'm sorry" she says "but we can only report someone missing after 24 hours."

"No! He's missing he's never late! Please, you have to understand, you have to help me find him!"

At this point I'm bawling in the phone, choking on my tears.

"Look, you said he was missing for an hour, so just wait a few more hours then give me another call."

"No! He's missing now! What if they are torturing him, and he needs our help!"

"Calm down. I'm sorry I want to help you, but I'm not supposed to report anybody missing until they are gone for 24 hours."

"No! Please! Help me!"

I'm on the floor in a ball, shouting and crying, I need to find him. I know she won't help me so I just hang up the phone. I shove my shoes and coat on and I drive around looking for answers. I see nothing. I'm shouting "Niall!" Everywhere I drive, people look at me like I'm crazy but I don't care. I just need him with me.

I have a headache from crying so hard, but I can't stop. After a few hours I turn around and go back home. I call the police again. And just my luck it's the same 9-1-1 operator.

"It's been a few hours help me!"

"Okay, okay tell me his description."

"He's about 5'10, about 140 pounds. Blonde hair, blue eyes, he was wearing a plaid shirt with jeans. He has an Irish accent, and his teeth are perfectly straight."

After I tell her his description I can't help but think about his beautiful blue eyes, and I think of how he must feel right now. The 9-1-1 operator says that she'll put him on the news and on the radio. Thank god. I want him back. No, I need him back.

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