29. Chapter 28

*Harrys P.O.V*

(A few hours earlier)

Me and Zayn went to the old shop far down the road. It's actually an hour from the building, so you could say the building is away from any civilization. Zayn is driving this time, and we are almost to the building.

The thing that makes me think a lot though, is what am I going to do to Kayla? I usually just kill them and go hey another, but this girl is- well different isn't the word.. She's.. Abnormal. That's a great word to describe Kayla. Yes, abnormal.

We arrive back at the old building. I hop out of the truck and as me and Zayn walk inside, Kaylas door is open. My eyes widen and I run to the kitchen, maybe she was smart enough to stay put. Probably not though. Zayn looks at the kitchen and his bag is gone, my jackets gone, along with, lots of food, utensils and I think matches are missing.

"No!" I scream in anger.

"How did she get out?" Zayn loudly questions.

"The door was locked!" I say back.

I walk over to her door and investigate. That's when I see the sparkling metal hair clip.

"She used a hair clip!" I shout in agony.

"Smart." Zayn says back.

"Smart? She's not smart! The moment I find the little-"

"Harry! I thought you liked this one!"

"Not when she escapes me! She's supposed to love me!"

She's supposed to love me.

"Harry I know, but she has a boyfriend okay? She's taken. There are plenty fish in the sea, but this one is taken. Just admit to yourself."

Zayn is right but I want to be right.

"I guess your right, I'll have to move on to someone else. I know who! Perrie."

"If you touch her, you won't live to see the next day!"

I knew Zayn would get like this. It's funny.

"Then help me get Kayla back, or Perrie will end up just like Kayla! Locked in a room, bruises all over her..."

"Fine! Just shut up!"

Little does Zayn know, is that Perries absolutely fine. I did have her with me for a day, until Zayn left, but now she's back at the apartment. I just told her that if she told anyone I would slit Zayns throat.

*Kaylas P.O.V*

(Hours later)

I wake up from my sleep, and it's basically day light. I didn't fall out of the tree. That's good I guess. I open up the nap sack and take out a granola bar for breakfast. When I finish it, I stuff the wrapper back in the bag.

I was about to climb down my tree when I heard voices and footsteps. Oh no, they're coming my way. I Climb higher into the tree, and I'm blocked by the leaves. They are getting closer. That's when Harry's curly hair comes into vision, Zayn follows. Both of them are looking around. Zayn tilts his head up, I pray that he doesn't see me. His eyes lock with mine, and I'm silently pleading for him to not tell Harry. He looks at me and he gulps. Then he turns around and he pretends to look for me.

They finally leave me, Zayn looks back at me and he smiles. I mouth 'thank you' to the boy, who basically just saved my life.

(I know I have a bunch of typos.. Sorry! I'm 7 reads away from 200! It's amazing! Thank you all so much!:)

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