28. Chapter 27

Zayn made me cereal, he put blueberries in it and it was actually good. I didn't talk though. I was still frightened at what Harry said. Would he have really hit me with the fire extinguisher? I hope not.

I was about half done my cereal when Harry looks at me and says "how long have you and Niall been dating?"

Odd.. I didn't think Harry would be interested in me and Niall.

"Why does it matter to you?" I say.

"Don't be saucy and answer my question."

Zayn is still in the room watching me and Harry's conversation.

"Well I'm not going to tell you, until you tell me what your going to do with me."

Harry huffs in annoyance.

"You really like pushing my buttons don't you?" He asks calmly.

"Well I need something to do since you kidnapped me.." I rudely remark.

This is fun. Taunting Harry is fun.

"Listen here! I can make your life a living hell!"

"You already did."

Zayn looks surprised at my words, and I'm surprised at the words that came out of my mouth too.

Harry stands and grabs the cereal bowl from me.

"No eating for a week."

"Harry, that's a little harsh don't you think?" Zayn defends me.

"If you want to see Perrie again you better shut up!" Harry shouts.

"Get back to your room now!" Harry tells me.

I huff and stand up on my good foot. I never noticed I still had Harry's jacket on. I won't take it off though, it's colder then last night.

"Hey, give me my jacket." Harry says.

That's not fair! I'm only wearing my tank top that I sleep in and he has a sweater on.

I take the jacket off my arms and throw it on the floor and attempt to walk away. My walking isn't going well, I'm holding the wall but I can't. I decide to just hip on one foot to he cell. Zayn is watching my every move. I look around the cold building, attempting to find a window. No luck. I'm stuck in a cold, dark, windowless building with no heat.

I sit into my "room" and think. I think of what I'd be doing right now, if I wasn't here. I think I'd be at work. I'm not exactly sure of the time so I could be at work or getting ready for work. I miss working at booster juice. I miss my boss, my co-workers and my customers. I miss everything.


I've been in this cell for about 6-7 hours. I was walking laps around the place and I even started counting the dirt pebbles, I made it to 371 but then I got bored. I am hungry too. But I can't eat for a week due to my "sauciness". Is I didn't have this cast on my foot I would be able to escape, probably.

I made getting my cast off my new task. I know it will hurt when it's off but I'd rather escape this place. I try ripping it off, but obviously that won't work. I find some rocks scattered on the floor and scrape them across the cast. I make a few marks on it but I don't really make any progress. I need a knife. Yes, with a knife it could cut it off.. But how could I get one? I seen a drawer in the kitchen which seemed like a utensil drawer. I need to make an excuse to go to the kitchen.

Suddenly Harry storms inside.

"Zayn and I are going out so stay here." Harry smirks, knowing that I can't get out.

He shuts the cement door and I heave him leave. This is my chance. I quickly run to the door and try to open it. I can see throughout the crack that there is a metal bar holing it closed. If I could somehow lift that metal bar I could be out of here. My fingers are to big to touch it and you have to reach about two inches to touch the bar. I scour the room for anything skinny and two inches long. I can't find anything so I put my hand to my forehead and wipe the sweat. That's when I felt my bobby pin in my hair. I tugged it out and ran to the door.

I breathe slowly, praying that this pin will work. I slide it thought the crack, it's this enough. I push it in further and I hear it touch the bar. I let out a squeal in excitement and I push the metal bar up. The door opens. I quickly get to the kitchen and grab food along with a knife. There is a shoulder bag I grab to put all of these things in. Harry's jacket is also there so I take that to. I look for anything else I might need. I rummage through the drawers and find matches. I decide to take more food for my journey. I see the exit of the building and hobble outside. Suddenly I don't care about my ankle, I just try to run. I think I have an adrenaline rush because I'm running, I follow a dirt road but I think of how unsafe that is. I know that no one is going to drive down the strange road except for Harry. So I go I to the woods, near the road but if Harry drives by he won't see me.

My adrenaline rush has ended since my foot now hurts. I don't care though. I'm far away enough that I can't see the building anymore. I'm glad. I hear a machine coming my way. I duck down and see Harry and Zayn drive by. I can't help but laugh when I think of what they'll do when they don't see me. Harry's reaction would be hilarious.

It's starting to get dark which means it will get colder. I need to make a fire, but I'm afraid Harry will see the smoke from the trees. I decide to walk farther into the woods and I find a big rock to sit on. I take out a granola bar and chomp on it for a while. Thank god I took some water or I'd be dehydrated. I hear Harry's truck go by again. Haha sucker. I need to find a place to sleep later. There's no point walking when I can't see. I don't exactly want to sleep on the ground since it's damp and cold and full of bugs. But what other choice do I have? A tree? I can't climb one of those. Will any animals try to get my food.. What if a bear comes! I decide to try the tree thing. I secure my shoulder bag. I'm ready for this.

I place my hands up on branches and start to climb. It's harder then I thought, but I can do it. I climb up about 12 feet up and sit on a limb coming out of the tree. If I fall asleep I will fall and probably break my neck. I take off Harry's jacket and tie it around my thighs and I lean back on the tree trunk and close my eyes.

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