27. Chapter 26

"Hello beautiful." Harry says.

I must have fell asleep, and Harry is lying next to me, propped up on his elbow.

"Are you hungry?" He asks me.

I nod but I don't look at him. He huffs and leans close into me.

"Talk to me. Or there will be consequences." He says.

"Like what you did to the other girls?" I shoot back.


"Just kill me now Harry, I don't want to be kept here! Just do whatever you want to do with me!"

"But that's no fun." He smirks.

I start to cry again. When I cry I feel so weak.

"Please Harry, what do you want me to do? Kiss you? Make out with you? Just tell me and I'll do it! Please!"

"As great as that sounds.. I have other plans so be patient. If your good maybe you won't suffer.. Much."

He's trying to scare me. He's trying to scare. I repeat this in my head.

"Now let's get food hmm?" He questions.

"You have to be my girlfriend for food. So come out with me and hold my hand."

Is he serious?

"I can't walk my foot is-" I get get cut off.

"Put all of your weight on me." He smiles.

He gets up, and he hauls me up with him. I stand on one foot while he grabs my shoulder to help me. I wince when he grabs me by where he was hurting me last night.

"What?" He questions my wincing.

"M-my shoulders hurt.. From last night." I stammer.

"Oh. Well that was your fault you hurt me first with a fire extinguisher. You were lucky I didn't take it and hit you with it."

My eyes widen at his words.

He walks me out of the cell and into a different room with furniture. It's a kitchen, it has kitchen appliances and a table with chairs. Zayn is sitting in a chair and when we enter the room he stares at me. Harry is holding my hand and as we enter the kitchen he pulls me in to him and kisses my jawline.

Hater he kisses me he takes me into his arms and hugs me for a minute.i don't hug back I just stand there frozen. "Hug me" Harry sternly whispers in my ear. I wrap my arms around him and he moans.

Zayn is still looking at me, he looks at me sympathetically. Oh how I wish I was home.

(Hey guys! I almost have 200 reads! This is amazing! When I started this, I thought I would only get 50 tops! Thank you guys so much<3)

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