26. Chapter 25

*Kaylas P.O.V*

I gasp for air while Harry is pounding mm back into the wall. After three times he stops, but he still holds my shoulders very tightly. I never would have thought that Harry would hurt me like this. He says that I'm 'his', but we both know that isn't true. Now Harry is staring at me, he's still very angry and his long fingers are digging into my shoulders. I start crying again, thinking of what they're gonna do to Niall when he wakes up. Will he be left here on the floor? I hope so.

"Come on we're leaving." Harry sternly says.

"What do we do with him" Zayn points to Niall who is on the floor.

"Just leave 'em" Harry states.

Harry finally let's go of me and my shoulders are bruised badly.

"Take her." Harry says.

Zayn picks me up, holding me tightly so I can't get away. He walks out the door and he crosses the street to the black truck. At least this time I can sit in the middle without having to sit on Harry or Zayn. Zayn places me in the middle of the truck and Harry pops into the drivers side and Zayn sits in the passengers.

Harry starts the engine and pulls onto the dark road. As he drives he puts his arm around my shoulders and I finch when he touches the bruises. He pulls me in close to him and I'm leaning on him the way I do with Niall, but this time I'm forced and uncomfortable. Zayn watches all of this happen, his gaze is fixed on me. I look at Zayn and my facial expression reads "I need help" but I don't think Zayn gets the message.


We arrive at a different building this time, it looks old and there's nothing around it except for trees. Harry pulls me in the building carelessly and plops me on the cold cement floor. Zayn comes inside too and he shivers. It is cold in here and I don't think there is heat. The building is a full concrete building, no wood just concrete. It looks like a dungeon.

I look around the dungeon and Zayn picks me up, like a baby. He puts me into a room, or should I say cell. There's no window, just dirt. Not even a bed, chair or even a wooden stick, just dirt. It's freezing though and I don't have sweater, since I just woke up when they took me.

Harry stalks in the cell and stares down at me, while I'm sitting on the cold floor. I can't help my shivering, it's my body doing it not me. Harry must notice the movements and he places his jacket on my arms. Even though how much I want to throw it off, I need it. He smiles when I don't throw it off and then he walks out of the cell, shutting the concrete door behind him.

I don't understand why he wants me. I'm not pretty, I don't have a perfect body, hair or anything. I'm just normal. I thought Harry would go for someone more.. Model-like?

Zayn walks in the room and he sits next to me.

"Hey, I'm sorry this happened.. Again." He states.

"Why did you attack Niall? I thought you were on our side." I snap back.

"I couldn't! He has Perrie somewhere.."

"Oh Zayn I'm sorry! I didn't realize he took Perrie."

Wow my cousin is taken too. I think he would much rather Perrie then me, because Perrie is beautiful.

"Is Perrie here?" I ask Zayn.

"I don't know. I want her back, now I know how Niall feels."

"Zayn, do you know why Zayn wants.. Me?" I bravely ask.

"I don't know. But I do know that he has done this before, he held other girls hostage."

"So.. Where are they now?" I gulp.

"Kayla, do you really want to know?"

I don't. But I do. I'm afraid of the answer.


"Harry.. Killed them."

I was afraid of them. My eyes start to fill up with tears.

"Don't cry Kayla."

"Are you scared of what's going to happen to Perrie?" I ask trying to get my mind of myself.. Dying.

"Harry told me if I do what he says, he won't touch her." Zayn tells me.

"Oh" is all I can say.

"Well I've go to go, see ya later."


I'm left alone again. I don't know where Harry is and I don't care.

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