22. Chapter 21

"Alright Miss Edwards, you can go home now.. Check back in two weeks and if there's any problems just call." Dr. Shepard tells me.

"Okay thanks doctor." I reply.

Niall gets up and hands me my crutches, new crutches. I put them under my arms and start to hobble towards the door, I almost fall again. Why can't I walk in these things? I just need to get practice that's all.

"Let me help you." Niall's says and takes my arm like I'm an old lady.

"Ha-ha.. I'm not paralyzed" I tease.

"You may as well be, you can't walk either way." He chuckles.

"Very funny. All I need is practice." I tell him.


After walking down the long halls I can see the door.

"Okay let me go, I think I can do it now." I tell Niall.

He let's go of my arm and I hobble along the hall. This isn't so bad, but my armpits hurt.


"When are you going to Perrie's car?" I ask Niall.

"I don't know, whenever she calls for it back." He says with a smirk on his face.

I just nod and get out of the car and hop to the door of the apartment. I unlock the door and when I look inside painful memories hit me.

I imagine the night Zayn abducted me from here, when his voice sent goosebumps down my back and when he hauled me out the doorway to Harry. That night was terrifying I shiver at the images playing in my head. I suddenly find it hard to breathe just thinking of what happened.

"Woah, Kayla come sit down." Worry is in Niall's eyes.

I nod and take a sit at the table, the table where I held on to so tightly to escape Zayn. I touch the part of the table where my hands were that night but I quickly pull back when the painful flashback hits me again.

"What's wrong?" Niall asks me.

"Th-this is where he hauled me out and t-took me." I studdered, then suddenly tears started to run down my now red cheeks.

"That won't happen again, okay? I'm here now and they can't touch you." Niall's assures me.

When he said those words I sigh in relief.

"Do you want to go to sleep?"

I nod in agreement. I quickly brush my teeth and lie in the wooden bed. Minutes later Niall comes in and looks at me so worried like, he's worried about me. He hops in the bed and lies next to me and he holds me in his arms.

I open my eyes, and I'm in a dark room. I look for Niall but he is no where. I glance down and see that my wrists are tied to a chair and my cast is now black. Where am I?

"Welcome home baby." A voice that I know is Harry says.

Zayn is there too just glaring at me.

"Hmm.. Do you want to go first Harry or should I?" Zayn says.

"You can go, save the best for last." Harry says while rubbing his large hands together.

Zayn walks over to me and unclasps his belt. I scream so loudly and shout at him to get away from me and let me go, but he keeps looking at me.

"Kayla! Kayla wake up!" Niall is shaking me.

I open my eyes and breathe heavily.

"It was just a dream don't be afraid, I'm here." Niall says.

I'm sweating but thankful that my nightmare is over.

(I'm back! Sorry you guys had to wait 3 days! :( but I'm back now! Also maybe if I get like 400-500 reads I'll make an IG page for my fanfic to post updates and whatever!)

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