21. Chapter 20

*Kaylas P.O.V*

I wake up inside Perries car, I'm so happy to be with Niall and I feel safe. We're almost home and Niall already called the police to tell them that were okay.. Well almost okay, if we didn't have a guy trying to kidnap me I'd feel a lot better.


We arrive at my house 9:30 and I can't wait to sleep. I'm about to open my car door but Niall opens it and carries me into the house. I laugh when he lays me down so carefully unlike Harry.. Who would just plop me down and leave me on the floor. Why am I thinking of Harry? I don't know but I want to stop. I don't want to think of the past few days again.. Ever. I want to just forget everything that happened, but I can't.

"Should we go get a cast for your foot?" Niall's asks me.

"I guess so.. But the hospital is all the way in town." I whine.

Niall's smiles at me, I've missed that smile so much.

"Well we have to, you need to get better so we can go on a hike soon." He knows I love to hike with him.

"Finee." I exaggerate the word.


We arrive at the hospital, a different one this time then that other one Harry brought me too. My ankle is definitely broken the nurses keep telling me, like I don't already know.

They ask me for a colour of the cast I wanted so I ,say "pink, neon of course" I love pink, I always have and probably always will. Niall laughs at my choice and I nudge him in the arm. Getting the cast on didn't really hurt, but my ankle is so itchy but I can't scratch it. Of course, Niall has the perfect solution... He ran to the hospital cafeteria and come back with chopsticks. They work wonders when my foot is itchy. Leave it to Niall to fix a problem, I can't help but smile thinking of him.

"I'm never going to leave you alone again, after this.. You know that right?" Niall says in a serious but funny tone.

"I kinda figured.." I say with a smile.

"I heard Zayn talking to Perrie and apparently Harry kissed you.." Niall says.

"Yes, he did but I tried to pull away and he wouldn't let me go until he was.. Done."

"Of course he did."

"I know your bummed about this but we can bet through it, together."

"I know we can, I love you."

"I love you."

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