2. Chapter 2

It's 4:00 and in 4 hours I get to go home. Home. The thought of it makes me smile. Another customer walks in, I never seen this one before. "Hello, welcome to Booster Juice what can I get for you?" The guy looks up at the menu, and looks at me "Ehm, can I get a pineapple smoothie?" I nod and say "Sure thing! That's $4.99 please." He hands me the money and walks over to a seat. I get the smoothie ready and say "Here you go, have a great day!" He just nods and mumbles a thank you.

I sit and wait until another customer shows up, I only have an hour left till I can see Niall. A few customers come and they order simple smoothies so not too hard.

8:00 finally. Time to go! Niall said he would be at home waiting for me with supper all ready. I smile when I think of him. I'm almost there when a bunny rabbit crosses right in front of my car. I stop immediately and I hit my head off the steering wheel. "Ow" I mumble. I touch my head where I hit it, it's bleeding. Of course. I open the compartment under the dashboard and pull out some tissues and apply them to my head.

As I arrive home, my head stopped bleeding. What will Niall think? He will probably tend my head more than it needs to be cared for. I walk in the house and expect to smell food, but nothing. I grin. He's probably hiding and going to scare me, so I play along. I check the obvious places he would be, but nothing. I start to worry "Niall! It's not funny anymore, come out" I shout around the house, but still nothing. I pick up my phone and call him. No answer. I wait around for a bit, calling and texting him constantly. Then I hear a loud bang. I run to the kitchen and my garbage can is knocked over and my window is open.

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