20. Chapter 19

*Niall's P.O.V*

I'm almost at me and Kayla's house when the car rings again. Zayn. Thus could be interesting.. I wait for Perrie to pick up her phone from the other end and pull over to listen to their conversation.

"Hello?" Perrie answers.

"Hey, how's everything?" Zayn sounds tired.

"Ehm, it would be better if I was with you.."

Zayn chuckles into the phone.

"I know you miss me right now but I'll be home soon." Zayn quietly says.

"What are you doing right now? And don't lie." She knows what Zayn is like.

"Fine, but don't tell anyone. We are at temperville hospital, 3 hours away."

"Why are you there?!" Perrie asks concerned.

"Well Kayla was tied to Harry's bed, only around the ankle, well hand cuffed really.. And she was trying to get away so she kept tugging her foot and I think she tried to run or see if the cuffs would break but it didn't work and she hurt her ankle."

They cuffed Kayla to a bed?!

"And then Harry wanted me to bandage her foot and after I did, he got mad at her for some reason and tried to yank her out of the room forgetting about her ankle and she fell... Again."

When I find Harry I'm going to give him a painful death, that's for sure.

"Oh my gosh Zayn! How could you guys do this to my cousin?" Perrie gushes.

"Look, I didn't have a choice he threatened me and you, so I couldn't do much." Zayn sympathetically whispers.

"I know that it's just she's my cousin."

"I know, but Harry is gone crazy.. I mean he thinks that Kayla is his girlfriend, and he kissed her last night even though she was scared to death."

Wait what. Oh no this isn't happening.

"Zayn! Tell me where Kayla is right now! I already have the cops on your tale!" I lie into the speaker.

Why did I talk I'm such an idiot.

"Oh no Niall-" Zayn starts.

"Shut up! Just tell me where she is!"

"She's at the hospital but I don't know how to get there, Harry pointed me to where I need to go!"

"I need her back Zayn. I need her more than anything, so just give her back to me, and you don't have to tell Harry." I try to stay calm but it's difficult.

"Okay. I can try but I can't promise anything. I think it's Temperville hospital, it's a few hours away."


I do a u turn and I speed down the highway. Temperville.. I think I know that place. Its just after Gander, yes that's right.


'Welcome to Temperville' the sign says, now I need to find the hospital, which shouldn't be to hard. After 5 minutes driving in the town I see a big building with a Red Cross on it, here it is. I drive in the parking lot with Perries little car and slam the door as I walk out. Not to many people here.

I ask the receptionist for a Kayla Edwards, and she says she's in the x-ray department. I nod and. Quickly run to it, a door swoops open and nearly hits me in the face.

"Woah watch it!" I say.

I take back the words as soon as I see the one who almost hit me. Kayla. I tightly hug her, she looks beaten down, defeated.

"Oh my god, I'm so happy I have you here." I quickly say in her ear.

"Niall, I can't believe you came for me!" She says right back.

"Come on, before Harry sees you." I say as I try to help her with her foot.

"This is no good." I say and swoop her into my arms.

She half giggles when I lift her. I love her giggles.

"My ankle is broken." She sadly says into my ear.

"We will get it fixed when we get you home." I softly say as I open the hospital door to get to the parking lot. I open the door of Perries car and lift her inside so she's comfortable.

"I can't believe Harry didn't see me leave." She sighs, a happy sigh.

"Well I'm glad." I proudly say.

"I'm so tired.." She says while she falls to sleep.

I smile at her, so happy to have her back.


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