19. Chapter 18

*Kaylas P.O.V*

I must have fallen asleep as well, it's daylight now and I'm still in the truck. What hospital are they bringing me too? Zayn is still asleep, thank god he's not holding me like Harry did. I decide to close my eyes again but right when I do Harry nails the brakes which makes me slide off of Zayn and I hit the dashboard.

"Woah." Harry says, he must be surprised that he didn't crash into anyone.

"Are you okay Kayla?" Zayn and Harry ask at the same time.

"Yeah." I say as I struggle to get on Zayn again. He lifts me up and slides me into him and wraps his arm around me so I don't fall again.

"We're almost there now." Harry's says.

"Okay." I say.

"And just to let you know, if you give anyone in that hospital a hint that you've been taken I will take a scalpel and slit your throat. Are we clear? Oh and it's not like you can run anywhere so don't even try."

"Uhm okay." He scares me.

Zayn just looks at me then at Harry.


We reach the hospital and I climb out of the truck, the Zayn and then Harry. Zayn hands me my crutches, even though I can't walk in them. I never seen this hospital before, we must be really far away.

"Okay, Kayla here is your story on how you hurt your foot. You were running down the road when you lost your balance and fell into the ditch, and you rolled your ankle. Okay?"



We enter the building and there is only a few patients. The hospital looks really run down, but it's better then nothing. Harry registers my name and tells the nurse that we aren't from here. Then we go sit in the tiny waiting room.

(Sorry guys I just woke up and now I have school, bye!)

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