18. Chapter 17

*Kaylas P.O.V*

Me, Harry and Zayn like in the small truck, I wish there was a back part of the cab so I could sit in the back but there's only a front. As I try to squish in my ankle wouldn't cooperate and it pained so bad when I tried to bend my leg to sit. Zayn noticed the painful look on my face.

"Hey Harry, I don't think she can squish her leg in the truck." Zayn says.

"Hmm, okay well how about you drive and she can sit on my lap and sit longways while we drive." Harry suggests.

"Okay." Zayn agrees.

Now I have to sit on Harry?

Zayn walks to the drivers side and hops in. Then Harry hops in and lifts me inside, careful not to hit my leg. He props me up and I sit side ways stretching my legs out. This is so awkward. Harry looks at me and smiles.

"Lean back on me." He says.

Ugh, if I don't he'll just haul me back. I lean backwards with my side against his chest. He wraps his arms around me and cuddles into me. Zayn looks at me, feeling bad for me. I just frown as we pull out of the lot.

Suddenly Harry takes his finger and lightly tilts my head to his, making me look straight into his green eyes. He moves his head towards mine and kisses me, he holds the back of my head in this large hands and keeps kissing me. He finally let's go and he makes me put my head on his shoulder.

"Fall asleep baby, it will be a long ride." He says so happily.

I close my eyes and feel Harry staring at me. It's too uncomfortable so I open them and sure enough Harry is looking into my eyes. He wraps his arms around me again, pulling close to his chest and tells me to fall asleep. And that's just what I did.


I wake up still inside the truck but we are parked and only Zayn is inside with me. Harry is inside the gas station I think to myself when I see the building.

"Hey." Zayn says to me

"Hi.." I reply

"So uhm how's your foot?" He asks.

"Still the Same pain. But where are we?"

"Really far away. I know Harry makes you uncomfortable, but there's nothing I can do." He blurts.

"I know."

Harry returns with food I think they're bagels. He looks at me and smiles "good morning babe." He says it like I'm his girlfriend.

I just lightly smile.

"Harry, I'm so tired, can you take a turn driving? You got to sleep but I'm about to drift off." Zayn says so tiredly.

"Fine." Harry huffs getting out of the truck and crosses the front and he and Zayn switch spots.

So now I have to sit on Zayn.

He lightly lifts me up and places me on his lap. So awkward.. Harry is looking at us obviously jealous. Then Zayn lays his head back on the seat and drifts into sleep. Me and Harry again, yay.

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