16. Chapter 15

*kaylas P.O.V*

Harry has a camera strapped on his bed. I have no idea what he's going to do with it. Well maybe I do, but I sure don't want to think about it.

Harry left about 10 minutes ago and handcuffed my ankle to the bed. When he cuffed my foot there I screamed really loud, hoping someone helpful would here. No luck. When I try to sit on the bed the cuffs hurt my ankle so I just sit on the cold floor. I fiddled with the cuffs trying to get them off but I just ended up hurting and irritating my ankle.


It's been more then 2 hours since Harry left and I just sat here thinking of what he'll do to me. I also tried to get up and yank the cuffs off my ankle. I got so mad at one point where I literally got up and tried to run away. That was a horrible idea, I ripped the skin on my ankle when I pulled and that made me stumble and fall hard, on the floor. When I fell I rolled my ankle and I think it's either broken or sprained. It's been pounding for 45 minutes and it's blue-purple. It hurts so much I've been bawling for a good half hour.

After another hour of sulking of my ankle I hear a door slam. Harry. He walks into the room and looks down at me and then my ankle.

"What did you do?" Concern clear in his voice.

"I-I tried to walk.." I stammer.

"Oh my god Kayla, I think it's broken, hang on." He stalks out of the room.

I hear him yell outside the door but I can't pick out what he said.

A minute or two later Zaym and Harry walk in. Zayn looks at me while shaking his head. I just look up at him with tears in my eyes. He bends down to examine my ankle. He carefully puts his fingers on it lightly but I pull away because it pained.

"Kayla, you have to let me touch it ok?" He says so non-kidnapper like.

I just nod, while he slowly puts his hand on my leg and moves it down to my ankle. As soon as he touches it I make a half hiss, half sulk noise. But Zayn doesn't pull away. I grab the bed as he tries to turn it over, I yell "ow" but he just looks up at me.

For what seemed like an hour Zayn finally stops examining my now almost black foot. Both of the guys step out of the room and leave me there crying again. Then the door slams again.

I know someone is still here, I hope it's Zayn because he doesn't look as scary as Harry..

Zayn enters the room. Good well not good I'm just happy that it's him instead of Harry.

"So how is your foot?" He asks me.

"Feels like someone dropped a two ton cement block on it."

"Awe, I feel bad."

Yeah right. I don't reply I just look at the floor.

"You know, I am in medical school." He says obviously proud.

"So? You still kidnapped me." I say angrily.

"I know.." He says.

The door slams again, great Harry's back. He charges into the room with a bag of medical supplies. He looks at me sadly. I notice that he takes the products out and he hands them to Zayn.

"Okay, are you ready?" Zayn asks.

"Mhmm." I reply

"This may hurt a bit."

Well nothing hurts worse then your boyfriend being kidnapped then you getting kidnapped too.

He puts a bandage around my foot which makes me flinch. Then he wraps it with gauze or something. Out of nowhere Harry opens the door and pulls out a set of crutches. He's going to let me walk?

Zayn finally finishes and I mumble a thank you and he just nods. Harry then grabs my hand and moves to lift me up. He realized that it wouldn't work so he reached under me and put one arm under my legs and the other arm on my back, lifting me like couples lift each other in the movies.

I don't want to be lifted. But he don't care, he brings me to the bathroom and lays me on the counter.

"Now, I bet you have to use the bathroom." He says.

I do.

"Yeah.." I say annoyed by Harry.

"Well since your foot is hurt I will help you." He says smiling.

"I can use the bathroom myself, just let me use those crutches I seen."

"Fine." Harry frowns and hauls out the crutches again.

He gives them to me and looks at me. Then he walks out if the bathroom. I hop over to the door and close and lock it. Then I use the bathroom and look in the mirror. I look awful. I decide not to look at myself anymore. I just unlock the door and hobble out the door. I can see Harry in the kitchen making something. I look to the other side of me and there is Zayn staring at me as always. I decide to go back to the bedroom. I'm not used to these crutches yet and I never had to use them in my life.

As I start my trek to the bedroom my crutch interacts with my foot and I fall over. Zayn was watching me the whole time so he hurries over to help. He grabs me by my stomach and lifts me up. He smiles while he does so.

"You okay?" He asks almost laughing.


As I try to hobble to my destination, again I almost fall over. This time Zayn catches me, chuckling at my clumsiness.

"Here." He says while sweeping me off my feet and laying me on the bed in Harry's room.

"Thanks.." I say.

(I'm bored so I'm writing aha:)'keep reading!:)

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