15. Chapter 14

*Nialls P.O.V*

"Perrie!" I chant for what seems the twentieth time. What is wrong with her she knows me but she won't help, I chant her name five more times until she finally opens the door.

As she walks in she looks angry, what did I do? I walk over to her and kneel in front of her.

"Thank god Perrie! I was locked in here, I need to see Kayla! Did you just call her?" I ask, I think she did.

"Get back you monster!" She shouts at me. What?

"No, Perrie you have to help me! I was kidnapped!" I plea.

"I said get back." She warns me.

I need to escape now. She's only tiny and she left the door wide open I could bolt now.

I look over at her then to the door. That's when I ran straight to the door, Perrie tried to stop me but I plowed right into her almost knocking her to the ground. Oops? I step outside the door and see the door to outside. So I was in a apartment this whole time? Wow.

I turn the knob and luckily it opens. It's night out and I have no idea where I am. There is a car, and I would say its Perries. I run to it and haul the door open, but no keys. Maybe she keeps a spare somewhere like a lot of people do. I look in the dashboard and through little compartments and there is nothing. I'm about to close the door when I see something sparkle under the seat. I reach my hand under and sure enough keys.

"Yes!" I whisper to myself.

I hop in the car and shove in the keys. As the car starts I put my foot on the gas and drive. All I need to do is look at a road sign and see where I am. It shouldn't be to far because Perrie works at Nandos, and that's I'm town. I drive down a long road and then the highway is in view. Excellent. I drive onto the highway and see the road sign, Heck I don't even need it now I know exactly where I am. My house is only half an hour away.

Suddenly the car dash starts to ring, there is no phone in here so it must be the Bluetooth thing that connects to your car. The contact comes up as Zayn. Zayn? It must be a different Zayn then the one I know. I decide not to answer because I don't want to mess up anything.

Then I hear Perries voice out of the speaker. "Hello?" She says crying.

I'm confused, Perrie must have her phone with her but it must be automatically connected to the car or something. I won't say a thing, I'll just listen.

"Hey beb what's wrong?" Zayn asks. Hey beb? Are they.. Dating?

"No, nothing's fine! That Niall guy you and Harry locked in out apartment got away and I think he took my car!" She shouts into the phone.

Oh my god, Zayn was a part of this.

"Perrie! No! How did he get out?" He sounds frustrated.

"He kept calling out my name, and when I opened the door to tell him to shut up he bolted out nearly pushing me over!"

"That little-" then I heard a scream into the phone. Kayla.

I would love to shout at them right now but that would only make things worse. I have to keep listening to see if he tells her where Kayla is.

"What was that?" Perrie asks.

"Nothing.. Just Harry and his uhm girlfriend playing around."

I can tell he's lying just by the scream Kayla made. Harry must have her, torturing her. She must be terrified. And girlfriend? Haha yeah right Zayn. She's mine.

"Oh.. Well where are you guys I'm scared here alone and I was wondering if I could call a cab to take me to you?"

Yes the question I was hoping for.

"Uh babe, I don't know if that's a great idea, I'll be home soon I promise."

Oh just great.

"Fine. But I need a new car and-" she cuts herself off.

"Zayn.. If Niall is in my car right now I think he can hear everything we are saying!" Oh look she finally took notice. About time..

"Perrie! Your going to ruin this whole thing!" Zayn shouts at his girlfriend.

Then the call goes silent and Perrie speaks.

"Niall? Can you here what were saying?" She stammers sounding scared.

I don't say a thing.

"No I think we're good, thank goodness." Zayn says sounding relieved.

"I can't believe that Niall cheated on Harrys girlfriend though!" Perrie almost shouts in the phone.

Ahem? I did no such thing! Zayn probably told her that so she would think I'm a cruel person.

"I know, but I have to go now.. Just go to sleep. I love you." Zayn almost whispers into the phone.

"Okay I love you too. Be careful" she replies back.

Zayn hangs up the phone and so does Perrie. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding.

(Sorry my last chapter was short so I did a double update:)

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