14. Chapter 13

*Kayla's P.O.V*

The whole truck ride so far, Zayn has been staring at me. He only stopped for a few minutes to take a phone call which I assume was his friend or something. I wonder if Zayn has a girlfriend? Probably since he's so handsome. What am I saying? He kidnapped me! Ugh, my mind right now is retarted.

Every now and then Harry looks away from the road and smirks at me. What does he want me to do? Give him money? I don't have much but I could spare some if it means my life..

We finally reach what looks like an abandoned house. It's falling down pretty much. As we park and Harry takes the keys out of the truck he stops and leans back on his seat. Zayn and Harry are just sitting there staring at me, it's uncomfortable. About a minute after I speak up and say "So, what do you want me to do?"

"Hmmm.. The better question is what I don't want you to do." Harry remarkably says.

Zayn just stares and smirks at me. Finally Harry gives Zayn a nod and Zayn quickly grabs my waist and hauls me out of the truck. I struggle to get away but then Harry walks over to grab me. He grabs my wrists and brings me close to him. Then he suddenly kisses me, I try to pull away but Zayn holds my shoulders and Harry pulls away and chuckles. I start to tear up thinking of what they could do to me.

"Don't cry baby." Harry says and forcefully pulls me inside the house.

I stand in the doorway as Harry grabs my arm and pulls me to the bedroom.

"Here is your and my bed." He says.

Oh no.

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