12. Chapter 12

*Kaylas P.O.V*

When will he come back? I need him back. I'm talking to myself while laying in my empty bed without Niall. I wonder what he's doing right now, maybe he's ok.. Maybe he took a wrong turn on the way home from work and stayed the night elsewhere, but if he did wouldn't he be back by now? What if he's.. No, no way. I'm not going to cry of the possibilities of him being dead. Nope. He isn't dead though right?

I stop thinking so I don't make myself cry again. It's almost 1 in the morning and I haven't gotten a wink of sleep and I have work tomorrow. Ugh, maybe I'll just call in 'sick'.

There's a huge crash outside my door. "Niall!" I scream running towards the door. "Niall, is it you?" I scream again. The place goes silent and I know what ever it was, wasn't Niall. I turn around to go to bed but as soon as I turn around there's a familiar man standing in front of me. Zayn, Zayn Malik. He's one of Niall's friends I met him before.

I suddenly sigh and then I wonder was is Zayn staring at me. "Uhm, hi Zayn.. Niall isn't here so-" he cuts me off by saying "I know."

Oh? Then why is he here?

"Okay, well I'm sorry but I'm just trying to sleep so if you could just go back home that would be great" I say as nicely as possible.

He is handsome with his black hair and his face structure looks perfect. But no one is as perfect as Niall.

"Come here." He says.

I'm scared.. Why is he here and why is he so creepy? I walk over to him because he seems quite strong and I don't want to get hurt, hurt more then I already am.

He grabs my arm harshly and pulls me to the door.

"Let go of me!" I yell at him.

"Just shut up." He says sternly.

"What do you want with me?!" I yell again.

"Me? I want nothing, I just need you to come with me for a little while." He sarcastically says.

I try to wiggle my wrist and grab my counter top to get away before he drags me outside. I left my phone in the other room but I can't get it, I may be able to stall him for a few seconds but he's to strong to let me away.

I take my hand that he isn't holding and grab my table, he quickly sees what I'm doing and yanks my hand off the table and holds two of my wrists. Great now I can't get away. Well, I never really had a huge chance but I had one.

As he pulls me out the door I scream, so loud I hurt my ears. No one notices in this neighbourhood, everyone here is elderly except for a few of us. Zayn pulls me into a black jeep or truck or something. There's another guy in there. Harry Styles? He is another one of Niall's friends but he is super tall and he creeps me out. I get stuffed in the truck, squat between Harry and Zayn. Awkward.

"Got her, eh?" Harry says obviously knowing the answer.

"Yep, she's pretty strong though.. You know for the size of her." Zayn says staring at me.

I just look down at the carpet in the truck. What should I do? Plea for them to let me go? I'm so confused.

"Thirsty?" Harry asks and smirks at me.

So creepy..

"No." I say as rudely as possible.

"A feisty one here Zayn!" He sounds amazed.

"Yea, so what are you doing to her?"

What are they going to do to me?

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