11. Chapter 11

*Nialls P.O.V*

"You are crazy styles! This isn't funny, just let me out of this truck!" I shout at that idiot Harry.

"You seriously don't know how to shut up, do you?"

"I would if you didn't threaten me about taking my girlfriend and technically kidnapping me!"

"Let's get this straight, one, that was not a threat that was a promise. And two, I am kidnapping you no technicalities to it."

He did not say that, he did not just say that.

"Listen here Harry! I didn't do a thing to you, so don't go trying to take Kayla! Leave her out of this, or what ever this is! Just let me go home to her!" I say and slam my fists on the dusty dashboard.

"You didn't do anything to me?! Haha, Horan your funny. Remember Erica? My old girlfriend a few years back, she was the perfect girl for me but you took her! She was my everything! But no, you had to steal her away then you just let her go and found Kayla! When she dated me she was so happy and so was I, but we got into that fight and she went crying to you! After that she was all over you until you started to see Kayla. So now it's your turn to feel the pain. Kayla will be mine whether she likes it or not!"

What did I just hear?

"Harry, that was years ago! And I didn't steal her, you made her miserable, I was the only friend she had! Every time you would shout at her and drink she wouldn't know what to do! So she came to me, I wasn't looking for a relationship! We were just friends, but you couldn't see that, Every time you would see her with me you would threaten me and you beat my face in!" I say and let out a huff.

"No. I know you loved her, she was the best thing on the planet. You knew she was everything to me." He says while driving faster.

"I loved her as a friend Harry! You know people have friends in this world! Also what you just said was part if the reason she was annoyed with you all the time, you refer to her as a 'thing' but she's a human being! A girl, who loved you, but you let your anger get in the way!"

"Shut up Horan. I'm going to get Kayla and she will be mine, I'll treat her worse then Erica. She won't even remember who you are by the time I'm done with her."

(Sorry this was short but thanks for 100 reads! The is amazing! And I know I have a lot of typos so sorry!)

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