1. Chapter 1

"Niall! Stop!" I say while he plays with my hair and tickles my neck. I turn over and look into his beautiful blue eyes, they are crystal clear, perfection. "Okay, okay" he says while he gets up and stretches his muscles, his hair is in a mess - a clump of fuzz on his head, but I like it that way. I don't know how I managed to be so lucky to get a guy like Niall, a perfect guy for me. I smile and stare at him, then he stares back and smiles. Ahh his smile, it's so beautiful just like the rest of him.

I need to go to work, but it's too nice outside to be stuck inside serving people food. I get ready and before I leave the house Niall holds my hand and hauls me in close and kisses me. "Bye love!" He says to me and I smile and say "bye, see you at 8:00!"

I arrive at my work, Booster Juice, it's actually a pretty good job and it's not overly busy. "Hey, Kayla!" Says my boss Ruth. She's a great girl, the best boss I could have. "Good morning!" I replied. Then we start opening up the shop, restocking cups and straws, checking the blenders and stuff like that. It was a normal morning. Then the first customer walks in, Jenny. She's a customer who comes almost everyday. "The usual?" I ask with a smile. "Yep!" She replies laughing. "Okay, that would be -" she cuts me off and says "$4.99" that made me giggle, I turn around and get the Strawberry Banana smoothie ready for her. I pass the drink to her, "here you go!" She nods and says "Thanks, Kayla!"

It wasn't a busy day only about 30 customers so far. I just couldn't wait to go home and see Niall. I wonder what he's doing right now, probably at work dealing with flat tires and refilling cars brake fluid. That's what he does, fix cars. I wonder if he misses me.

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