Let it go

Elsa's one a quest to get to princes Hans before it's to late!


1. Elsa's chance

Elsa was in her room sitting on her bed waiting for Hans for the dinner date! Then there was a loud knock on the door? It was anna. "LET ME IN NOW" shouted anna. Elsa opened the door and let her mad sister in! Anna was breaking china cups and plates of Elsa's."anna what's the matter or what have you done to make your self in a....state?" Asked Elsa."Nothing personal" anna said in a proud voice."what's the matter what have I done now???" Asked elsa anxiously."maybe stole my love!?" Anna said jealously." I would never do such a thing to you and kristoff?!" Answered elsa puzzledly."hmmm well you don't know what I mean" said anna making things sound bad."well what did I do?" Asked anna getting annoyed."I hate kristoff!" Said anna. "You what!" Replied elsa! "Yeah you heard me I hate kristoff" shouted anna. "Who do you like then?" Elsa asked in a hurry! "Who do you like?" Anna asked."I like ergh umm well..." Elsa thought It could be Hans and she didn't want to upset her sister! "So who is it I need information about this person please?" Asked anna getting bugged."it's....it is......ppppp...pri..prin...c..e..prince..ha..ns.PRINCE HANS OK!!!!" Elsa said angrily."well that's who I like so bug of mah man" anna said greedily! "But you nearly got killed by Hans anna?" Elsa said in a I want voice."so did you bit I saved you!?" Replied anna."actully we both could of died, wait I'm the one who saved us all!" Excitedly elsa said! "And how is that?" Anna said boredly."because I created Olaf and he took you out of the room, so I'm the hero here!" Elsa said proudly."fine,fine, ok so you did save us all and blah blah, but think why did you like Hans?" Asked anna. "Because I like who I like ok." Elsa said."yes ok and I'm sorry" said anna sadly and quite embaressed. "I guess I forgive you" elsa said kindly and patiently................... 

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