Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


25. Where Are They?

Draco's P.O.V.

Hermione didn't come to dinner. She told Ginny that she wasn't feeling well. I think he just couldn't stand to be in the same room as both Ron and I. It took all my strength to not knock him unconscious every time I saw him. Knowing he kissed my girlfriend/fiancé I was not very happy. And I know Hermione felt guilty about kissing Ron.

And it was that moment that I realized she was sorry for what happened because she wouldn't have acted this way, or even told me about it if she didn't feel bad. I needed to talk to her and apologize for the way I reacted.

I excuse myself from the table and the rest of the group continues on with their conversation. I am outside of Hermione's room and there is no light on. I need to talk to her it will be okay of I wake her up. I knock on the door....... I get no answer. I don't even hear stirring inside the room. I knock again and say her name....... "Hermione? Hermione it's Draco please open the door we need to talk." I say while knocking on the door.

Finally I can't wait anymore. Stopping my knocking I walk right into Hermione's room. I take a look around the room she is not in here. I decide to look in the library. She loves books........ After checking the library and not finding her I decide to ask the rest of our company if they know where she is. No one knows. We all spread out and look in different rooms. Ron was checking the cellar and outside. Harry was the top two floors. Ginny was checking the bedrooms and I was scouring everywhere else. After a few minutes we hear Ginny scream and we all scramble up and down stairs to find out what has happened. Ginny was in the room Harry, Teddy, and she would share. Teddy was suppose to be sleeping in his bed. But just like Hermione's the bed looked as if they had been slept in but no one is there.

Ginny is distraught. Harry is pacing and hasn't said a word since it happened and Ron is over in the corner murmuring things to himself. Every now and then he will start cursing and saying how stupid he was for letting them out of his sight. And all I can think about is I may have blown my chances with the love of my life, what if he doesn't come back. I can't make it in this world without her.

What do I do? Where could they be? What is happening to them? We had searched for them all night. We scoured the woods around Malfoy manor. Finally we couldn't look anymore. We came back to the manor hoping they would come home by themselves. When we got back to the manor it was a little after ten o'clock in the morning. Ginny was drowning her sorrows by making a late breakfast. Harry was circling the house just in case he missed something that could be used to find them. Harry still hadn't said a word since they went missing. And Ron went back into the woods to see if he could find them. I couldn't handle it anymore I went to the bedroom my parents used to share and smashed everything out of frustration, sadness, and anger. After everything was destroyed I walked out into the balcony that overlooked the Malfoy estate. And just stood there. When I looked up at the sun it showed it was about eleven o'clock i. The morning. I was about to go in search of something else I could smash when I hear the loud crack of apparation. I look out the balcony and right next to the gate of Malfoy manor there is a figure of a young boy covered in blood. Beside him is an unmoving corpse that is painted red.

Before anything else can happen everyone is running to them. Yelling at each other. Harry got to the first and is already calling Hermione's name and has a sobbing Teddy in his arms. As soon as I get there I scoop Hermione up in my arms and run with her back to the house.

"Quick someone get a clothe and some water!" I scream at them. I immediately start casting healing charms on Hermione. I can tell that Hermione has been hit with the "sectumsempra" curse that I got hit with in the sixth year. I know how to treat it because Snape taught me after it happened to me. After I take care of all of the blood all over her body I see the dark blue, purple, yellow and green bruises all over her body. "I swear I am going to kill this guy!" I say having to take deep breathes to calm me down. Eventually I had taken care of a of her major injuries but her bruises will have to heal on there own.

After we have examined her to make sure we took care of all of her injuries I took her upstairs and put her on her bed. This time I wasn't going to leave her side. I am not going to lose her again!

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Here's the next chapter I hope you like it. I decided to do it in Draco's point of view and I know some of you didn't want me to but I need to throw a few in there. I just hope it was interesting enough! So sorry for any errors! Let me know what you think and what should happen next! Comment! Love y'all! :)

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