Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


26. Waking Up

Hermione's P.O.V.

I can never stay conscious when people find me. I am not sure why but I can't. When I awoke after I had apparated to Malfoy Manor with Teddy I was back in my room. The very room I was abducted from and it didn't necessarily make me feel very safe knowing that this lunatic somehow got into my bedroom without being noticed and took both teddy and I. No one was in the room. I could not hear any voices. I thought someone would at lese check up on me very frequently since I don't really know how long I have been out and who knows maybe I could have died while they weren't in the room. I really need to teach them some basic medical tips so maybe next time I wont die...... Just in case.  

After much debate I decided that no one was going to check up on me anytime soon so I threw my feet over the side of the bed. I must have sat up too quickly cause I got very dizzy. It passed after about five minutes and I thought it was as good as time as any to try and stand up. As a precaution I held onto the bedside table for support. It was a good thing too because I was very shaky. I held onto the wall as I moved toward the stairs. 

It took me fifteen minutes to walk halfway down the stairs. Which made me more nervous because I still hadn't seen another human being since I woke up. What if the psycho came back and took everyone. After a few minutes I realized how stupid I was being by not calling for anyone. "Harry?" I squeak out but my voice is so horse I can barely hear myself. "Draco?" I say my voice getting a little stronger than before. Using this energy to walk down half the stairs and trying to call for help to so much energy.

Starting to see stars I decide I better sit down so I lower myself to the step I was sitting on. As I do I hear faint bare footsteps on the tile floor from the kitchen. I then see a faint small shadow peek through the door way to the kitchen and I see Teddy's four year old face. "Aunt Mione!" The young child exclaims. I then hear a soft voice of Ginny say, "No Teddy Aunt Mione is resting."

"No mummy stairs!" I screams.

"Teddy I said no!" Ginny says in a stronger tone. I then hear the footsteps of Ginny walking across the kitchen to pick up Teddy When she steals a glance at the stairs that Teddy was talking about. "Hermione!" Ginny exclaims rushing over to me. and as she is doing so I hear scrambling coming from the kitchen. Ginny throws her arms around me and her arms are wrapped so tight I have trouble breathing but I have a feeling it from my injuries.

"Gin I love you but please let go!" I exclaim as loudly as I can.

"Oh sorry!" she says letting go immediately. I look over and Draco sits right next to me with tears in his eyes. I hadn't even realized he was in he room. But the relief that lifted from my shoulders when I saw him was incredible.

I hadn't realized it but I was gasping for air. I guess getting out of the bed and working my way down the stairs had taken more out of me then I realized. Despite the pain in my chest a laid my head down on Draco's shoulder. I had not seen him since I told him about Ron and I's kiss. It felt so good just to touch him.

I finally spoke, "How long was I out?"  I say as I gaze from Harry to Ginny to Ron and my eyes finally landing and staring deep in Draco's.

Draco takes a deep breathe in, "Ten days" he says as he breathes that breathe out.

"What have there been anymore attacks or accidents?" I exclaim. but with al the energy I used to ask the question with the intensity I spoke it with made me very dizzy again which caused me to bring my hand up to my forehead to massage it.

"No Hermione! You were unconscious! He can't torture you if you have no idea what is going on." Harry says logically.  "Okay Draco I know that she's you fiancé and all but she is also my sister so scoot over so I can hug her and tell her how much I was worried, and how stupid she was for actually challenging this guy." He says pushing Draco just enough so he could hug me.  

"I didn't challenge him he said he wanted to see how far I would go to protect Teddy. I did all I could. I am amazed how I even apparated us back here. Every time he threw a curse at Teddy and I took it to protect him I thought I was not going to live through it. They were awful but somehow after he left I focused all my energy on he apparition back hoping it would be enough and somehow it was." I say recalling the event.

"Hermione......" Ginny asks, "What curses did he throw at you that could have hit Teddy?" I can tell she is being very timid with her words.

I am quiet for a moment trying to recall the entire nightmare in my head without bursting into tears. "the first curse he did it silently. But at that time I was about to apparate away and I had Teddy in my arms and I flew backwards and hit a tree and he just fell on the ground. He threw the crucio curse at me multiple times. And after that he physically hit me. It seemed like he hit me forever. After that he said he had one final test for me and he threw the sectumsempra curse at Teddy but I threw myself in front of him just before it could hit him."

When I was finished Draco stood from the step he was sitting beside me on and angrily kicked a couch that was sitting in the foyer. He paced back and forth multiple times before speaking, "How can I protect you when you aren't even safe with me?" He screams.

I can tell He feels defeated. We are engaged. We had a fight and like normal couples we would work it out but no I get abducted by some psycho before we can get lovesick and run back to each other.

"Harry, Ginny, Ron can we have some privacy for a moment?" I ask.

They all walk into the kitchen without another word.

"Draco I know you are doing your best to protect me but maybe this is above your control." I say. He snaps his head up in response. "I don't want anyone else getting hurt especially you. and even though I was able to save Teddy this time I don't know if I can next time. And what if next he takes you or Ginny? I'm sorry but Ginny is pregnant and dew anytime. And You, You saw what he did last time he had no problem taking care of you, Harry, and I while we all had our wands. I Barely made it out with Teddy alive. I don't think I have what it takes to protect you."

 "Hermione! I am your fiancé I and suppose to be the one protecting you! Not the other way around! I can't lose you! I've lost my entire family and everything else I love. Please not you too." He says with tears streaming down his face. "You are all I have left. I refuse to lose you!"

"Draco you think you don't have people?" I scream at him. I am getting very angry now and I can feel myself getting dizzy again. "My parents cant remember who I am. They have no recollection of them having a daughter. Harry and Ginny have their lives together. I cannot ask them to share it. And Ron........." I pause laughing a little. "Ron and I are the past. If the war hadn't have happened we would probably be together but it happened and now he either hates me or thinks we were meant to be together. Neither of those will ever happen. We are different people after the war and we will never be normal again. and then I finally find you...... And you make my world better. Just seeing you face makes my heart beat faster. Knowing you are alive makes me want to fight harder but when he is torturing me all I want to do is give up. So I am going to send what is left of my life away. They will go back  their lives. You are going to move on. Move on Draco. And I am going to turn myself in. And that will be the end of Hermione Granger. But my last wish is for you to move on." He is speechless with tears spilling down his cheeks.


Author's Note:

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long. Here's the next chapter I hope you like it! I spent a lot of time writing it so please let me know what you think! Tell me what you think will happen. Comment! Make me want to update tonight or tomorrow! Sorry for any errors! Comment! Love tally! :)



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