Is Granger Guilty

This will be a Dramione and see what happens when Hermione is accused of murder. And just who will she ask for help? Sorry I'm not good at summaries. :)


32. Waking Up.... Again

Hermione's P.O.V.

My head hurts and my body is screaming. My bones are sore.

When I open my eyes at first all I see is bright  light. After my eyes adjust I notice the light is coming from a window, and I am lying in a soft bed.

Where am I? How did I get here? Where's Draco?

I try to sit up and all I feel is a shooting pain all through my body. I feel like screaming, and throwing up my guts right then and there. But I ignore that feeling and continue to get out of the bed. When I finally get to my feet I collapse to the floor. My legs feel like mush. I use the bed to pull myself back to my feet. I am still wobbly but manage to stand upright. I walk over to the door with some help from the wall. Every time I try to move I get dizzy and lightheaded, which causes me to take a break ever few minutes.

When I finally make it to the hallway I feel like a ghost. I take a few steps down the hall before I black out.


When I finally wake up again I back in the bed in the room I was in before. But this time I am not alone. 

Sitting in a chair beside my bed is a sleeping Draco.

"Draco?" I mumble. "Draco, what happened?" 

When he hears my voice his eyes shoot open and he scrambles to my side.

"Hermione your awake? You woke up yesterday and then passed out on the floor, and you haven't been awake since. I was so worried." He says with a relieved look on his face.

"Draco where are we?" I ask.

Just then a woman comes through the door. "Draco, is she awake yet?" She asks, and then she sees me. The woman has platinum blonde hair similar to Draco's except hers is long. After further evaluation I realize she is Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother.

I am suddenly very nervous.

"Hermione, dear, I am very sorry for your fall. Someone was suppose to watch you so that when you woke up we could give you a blood replenishing potion. But the person in charge of that wasn't exactly doing his job. Very sorry. anyway, here it is." She says as she hands me a cup with the potion inside. Before I drink it I look to Draco to make sure his mother hasn't poisoned it. he nods to me, signaling that it is safe.

"What happened? I can't remember anything after Bellatrix threw me back into the cellar. Where are we? How did we get here? Why are we here?" I say getting very anxious and hyperventilating.

"Hermione, calm down everything is fine now. We will explain everything when you are feeling better. But right now I think there are some people who want to see you." Draco says very calmly and a grin sneaking onto his face.

Narcissa walks out the door and comes back with a group of people. Ginny runs over to me first and wraps her arms around me. "Oh Hermione, thank  Merlin your alright I have been worried sick. And don't you think for a second that just because you almost died that I'm not going to lecture you about trying to turn yourself in. It was a stupid move." She says to me. She reminds me so much of her mother.

Teddy comes up to me next. still not understanding the situation. "Aunt Hermione I'm glad your back Mommy's about to have the baby and you said you were gonna take care of me and not make me feel left out. And Mommy said that if you missed the baby being born she said you would be in trouble. That isn't good I get in trouble a lot and she puts me in timeout. You don't want to be put in timeout." The five year old says. This blue-haired child warms my heart.

"Teddy I wouldn't miss that baby's birthday for the world." I exclaim to him.

Teddy runs over to Ginny and Harry walks over to me. He has tears in his eyes and I know he thought I was gone forever. "You just left. You didn't even say goodbye. I thought I was never going to see you again. Hermione I can't be put in this situation. I can't lose anyone else, especially if its you." He says not allowing the tears to fall until the last sentence. He doesn't make any physical contact to me he just speaks in a voice that chills me to the bone.

"Your right Harry. I should have said goodbye. But I knew that if I did, you wouldn't let me leave. Harry I knew that if I had said goodbye I wouldn't let myself leave because of you. I know you've lost too many people and I can't stand to see you in pain and you know that. Harry, you are strong enough to say goodbye, but I'm not." I say with tears dripping down my face.

Silence that's all I get from Harry until...... "I understand but still I came and told you and Ron I was going to see Voldemort to let him kill me at the battle. Hermione, you are stronger than me at everything. You could have said goodbye." Harry says and I wince at Ron's name.

Draco finally speaks up, "speaking of the Weasley do you know he is helping them with this whole 'torture Hermione thing?'" He says.

"What!" Every but Draco and I say. With that reaction we are forced to tell the story. Halfway through the story I can feel the pain from my injuries increasing. The potions they gave me earlier must be wearing off. Then it hit me.

"How did we get here Draco?" He tenses at the question. He doesn't want to talk about it but I need to know.

"My father rescued us....." He says hesitantly.

Author's Note:

I am so so so so so so so sorry for taking forever! I was just so stuck with this chapter and then I got really busy! But I'm back now! Listen guys I need motivation to write so please comment! Let me know what you think! Sorry for any errors! Comment! Love yall! :)


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